The US Reported Nearly 1000 Deaths Of Coronavirus Patients In Last 24 Hour


The country is going through lots of things, whether it’s a health crisis or a political one. Thousands of people have been reported positive from the last few days, and more than 1000 people have died in the previous 24 hours only. Even though people act as the coronavirus pandemic has ended, it’s not because health officials reveal the concerning data. Since Sunday, more than 4430 people have reportedly died of this deadly virus. The total number of people who died because of coronavirus now reached 108000. Also, more than 1.8 million people tested positive, and the number is increasing every day.

The country is through a nationwide protest because of the killing of George Floyd. The killing of a black man has started a national protest of “black lives matter,” and it’s also increasing the chances of spreading coronavirus. Experts said this number is going to increase because of the ongoing protest happening. People are coming on the streets, saying the name of George Floyd, and the cases of vandalizing are also increasing quickly. The government’s decision to reopen the economy has helped many people get back on their jobs, but it’s also increasing the chances of spreading the viruses.

People who are gathering are at still high risk of being diagnosed with this virus because they can’t escape from it completely. Although scientists discovered a new thing about coronavirus which says it’s not mutating dangerously. Still, it doesn’t mean you can go outside and roam carelessly. People who are going out for a protest is nothing but an example of public gathering. Experts are worried about the negative outcome it will bring for them if they tested positive. A new study reveals the new symptoms found in children relating to coronavirus, which is worrying scientists, and said people need to be more cautious.

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