The US Market Is In Panic Because Of The Rising Tension In Between US-China Amid OF Trade Deal

The US stock market is right now is most volatile for any news relating to the US-China trade deal. However, it seems like the majority of the investors are in panic and experts are expecting that the US stock market is going to open lower than anyone’s expectations because of the latest tension in between the US-China. Recently the US Justice Department filed a case against the CFO of Huawei due to which now the voltage between both the countries has raised, and the possibility of a trade deal is on the verge of cancellation. The trade war had already made both the states each other’s enemy, however, from last few days, the need of trade deal between US-China was making lots of positive impact on the US stock markets since everyone was positive about it. But, after the US justice department filed the case against’ China’s tech giant company, it seems like now everything will get a downturn.

A few days ago the report came which stated that the vice president of China along with the officials are coming into the US on 30th of January to talk about the trade deal plus negotiation and now everyone’s predicting that this meeting might get canceled. After filing the case against the CEO of China’s biggest tech company the US has made its intention clear that no matter what happens they’re not going to fear China. On the other hand, the US stock market which was hoping to see a good trade deal between both countries has gone down. The Major stock indexes of the US might not perform well, and the market is expected to open poorly because of the probability of cancellation of a trade deal.

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