The United Kingdom saw the highest number of coronavirus infections in a single day

The United Kingdom saw the highest number of coronavirus infections in a single day


Amicron type of coronavirus is causing panic in the UK. The country has seen the most infections in a single day since the onset of the epidemic. Corona was found in the bodies of 6,038 new people in the UK on Thursday, local time.

Corona was newly identified in the bodies of 6,610 people in the UK last Wednesday. This was the highest number of infections since the onset of the epidemic. This number of infections detected yesterday surpassed the previous day’s record. Health officials in the United Kingdom fear that the number could rise further in the next few days.

Earlier in January this year, a maximum of 6,053 coronas were identified in the UK in a single day, according to Reuters. So far, corona has been identified in the bodies of about 11 million people in the country. About 146,000 people have died in Corona, including 146 new ones.

The highly contagious type of corona is spreading across the United Kingdom after the detection of ammonia. So far, the body has been found in more than 10,000 people in the country. At least 10 people have been admitted to the hospital due to amniotic fluid and one died.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that a new wave of corona could hit the country. However, more than 100 UK lawmakers are not in favor of imposing new restrictions on the fight against the virus. In a vote last Tuesday, they took a stand against the ban.

Amikron is highly contagious, UK Chief Health Officer Chris Whitey told MPs on Thursday. Spreading very fast. Christmas is ahead. People have to decide for themselves. Now the number of people affected by amicone is a little less but this number will increase very soon. Hospitals are now struggling to handle patients.

Jenny Harris, chief executive of the country’s health security agency, said Amicron could be the “most significant threat” to the UK since the outbreak began. “Comparisons with previous types of corona indicate that the rate of infection may be staggering in the next few days,” he said.

Meanwhile, France is going to impose restrictions on travel to and from the United Kingdom due to the spread of Amicron. Local time said in a statement from the French government on Thursday that the reason for coming to France from the UK from midnight on Saturday and going to the UK from France must be shown. In this case, vaccinated and non-vaccinated people also have to follow this rule. People cannot come or go from the UK just for travel and professional reasons.

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