The two fugitives did not find a place in the in-laws’ house


The two brides who escaped from the hands of two masons in Kolkata, India, could not find a place in the in-laws’ house.

The Nishchindar Karmakar family of Howrah has not taken back the two brides who left the house holding the hands of their lovers.

On the other hand, the court sent their two boyfriends to jail custody for 14 days on Thursday. The child who went with the two brides was handed over to his father by the court. Khabar Anandabazar newspaper.

The two brides made secret statements in court on Thursday. Then they were brought to Nishchinda police station at 5.30 pm. They sit there for quite some time. Then the two young women went back to their father’s house.

Ananya and Riya, two brides from the Nishchindar Karmakar family of Bali, left the house holding the hands of two masons Shekhar Roy and Shubhjit Das. GRP and Nishchinda police arrested all four of them from Mumbai Mail at Asansol station on Wednesday.

Her child Ayush was with Riya when she ran away from home. Shekhar and Shubhjit are accused of abducting him. The two were produced in court on Thursday. The judge ordered them to be sent to jail.

Ayush’s uncle Palash Karmakar said, “I have got the baby back.” But now we are emotionally upset. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Following Karmakar’s family’s statement, uncertainty arose as to where Ananya and Riya would now be after the court proceedings.

After much drama, Turkey and Qatar have finally agreed to jointly operate Kabul Airport. Turkey’s Anadolu Agency has published this news.

According to diplomatic sources, various agreements have been reached between the representatives of Turkey and Qatar on the management of Kabul airport in recent times.

To this end, on December 6, Turkish and Qatari companies signed a memorandum of understanding on the basis of mutual partnership.

According to the sources, the seventh meeting of the Turkey-Qatar Supreme Strategic Committee was held on December 6. The meeting was attended by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlt Cavusoglu. He made this deal from the present.

Following the agreement, a Turkish team traveled to Doha to hold talks with the Qatari technical delegation.

According to the Turkish Daily Sabah, a joint delegation of Turkish and Qatari officials will now travel to Kabul. There they will talk to Taliban government officials about operating the airport. The envoys are expected to meet the demands of Taliban officials for the operation of the airport. After the discussion they will measure the situation.

On Monday, Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said his country would operate five airports in Afghanistan, along with Qatar, after talks in Doha and Kabul.

Turkey and Qatar are working together in Afghanistan to launch international travel to Kabul. However, the airport needs to be renovated before commercial flights can be launched at Kabul airport.

Kabul airport fell into disrepair after US and NATO troops withdrew from Afghanistan last August. Current Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are working to open the airport. A small number of flights are taking off using the airport.

The United States has demanded that Turkey hand over responsibility for guarding Kabul airport after withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. But the Taliban did not agree. Later, the Taliban government itself called on Turkey to provide technical assistance at the airport. However, Turkey has finally agreed to operate the airport with Qatar after measuring various issues.

The head of Israel’s new air force says it has the capability to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities “tomorrow.”

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