The Taliban threw 3,000 liters of alcohol into the water


A group of Afghan intelligence officials has dumped nearly 3,000 liters of alcohol into a canal in the capital, Kabul, after seizing it. This was reported by the Afghan intelligence agency on Sunday. The Taliban government is cracking down on alcohol sales. This step is part of it. News agency AFP.

A video released by the General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI), Afghanistan’s intelligence agency, shows intelligence officials dumping alcohol in a canal after raids in the capital, Kabul.
“Muslims must refrain from making and selling alcohol,” an intelligence official said in a video footage of the intelligence agency posted on Twitter on Sunday.

It was not immediately clear when the raids took place or when the seized liquor was destroyed. However, a statement from the intelligence agency said that during the operation, intelligence officers arrested three liquor dealers.
Alcohol and sales were banned in Afghanistan under previous governments.

But the Taliban’s stance on alcohol sales is even tougher. After the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in late August, the crackdown on drug lords and their associates has intensified, AFP reported.

The army seized power in the African country of Mali in March 2020. Colonel Asimi Guita removed the then President Bobakar Ibrahim and formed an interim government. Then, in 2021, he took power in his own hands by removing the interim government through a second coup.

When the army took power in 2020, they announced that they would hand over power to the people by holding elections in February 2022. He has promised to stay in power for one and a half years, but now he wants to stay in power for five years.

This was stated by the Foreign Minister of the current government of Mali. Their argument is that instability is going on in the country now. As a result, it will not be possible to hold elections at this time.

The general public has been protesting against the army in Mali for several days. They want an elected government as soon as possible. However, the army has carried out extensive repression in this ongoing movement. A few days ago, the United Nations reported that the army had raped at least 13 women.

People of the Christian community decorate a colorful Christmas tree at Christmas. However, no one thought that he would have to go to jail for this. However, this is what happened in the United Kingdom. A man from the country named Marvin Porcelli decorated the Christmas tree for Christmas. Now the picture of that Christmas tree is being used to prove the crime against him.

Three members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have been killed in clashes with gunmen. Iran’s state news agency IRNA reported the news.

The incident took place on Saturday evening in the Kaurin district, 1,120 kilometers southeast of the capital Tehran. This district of Iran is located on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

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