The Tainted Half Manga

The Tainted Half Manga A Dark and Compelling Tale


The Tainted Half is a manga series written and illustrated by renowned Japanese artist, Hiroshi Takashige. The story revolves around a young girl named Kiku, who is cursed with a terrible affliction that causes her to transform into a monster. In this article, we will explore the world of The Tainted Half manga, examining its themes, characters, and plot, as well as its significance in the world of manga.

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Summary of The Tainted Half Manga

The Tainted Half follows the story of Kiku, a young girl who is cursed with a mysterious affliction that causes her to transform into a monstrous creature. She lives in a world where supernatural beings are commonplace, and she struggles to keep her true nature hidden from those around her. Kiku is accompanied on her journey by a group of misfits, each with their own dark secrets and tragic pasts.

As the story progresses, Kiku and her companions become entangled in a web of conspiracy and intrigue while uncovering the truth behind her curse and the sinister forces trying to control her. Along the way, they face countless obstacles and enemies, each more powerful and dangerous than the last.

Key Themes and Significance

The Tainted Half manga explores several themes that are central to the story and have significance beyond the world of the manga. One of the most prominent themes is the idea of duality and the struggle between light and darkness. Kiku’s curse represents the duality within herself, as she must constantly fight against the darkness that threatens to consume her. Another important theme is the idea of identity and self-acceptance. Kiku’s curse causes her to feel like an outcast, and she struggles to come to terms with her true nature.

Kiku journey towards self-acceptance in The Tainted Half is vital, conveying a vital message to readers grappling with identity.


Q: Who is the target audience for The Tainted Half manga?

A: The Tainted Half manga targets readers who prefer dark, suspenseful stories with supernatural elements.

Q: How many volumes of The Tainted Half mang are there?

A: The manga series consists of three volumes, with a total of twenty-two chapters.

Q: Is The Tainted Half mang complete?

A: The manga series is complete and readers can enjoy it in its entirety.


The Tainted Half manga is a dark and compelling story that explores complex themes and characters. Thanks to its intricate plot and beautiful artwork, The Tainted Half has gained a following among supernatural and suspense mang fans. Kiku’s journey and self-acceptance in The Tainted Half is a powerful and thought-provoking message for readers of any age. Whether a manga fan or not, readers should not overlook The Tainted Half, an essential read that cannot be missed.

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