The Sleek New CityGo Urban Scooter is Making its Grand Debut

CityGo Urban Electric Scooter

Changing your Urban Commute Forever

CityGo Urban, electric scooter startup, is gaining a lot of steam on Indiegogo. The sleek and portable CityGo Urban has already raised over $260,000, more than four times their original goal of $58,000. The CityGo scooter is designed specifically for urban commuting. It’s foldable, and when folded it can be pulled along supported by one of its wheels, rather like a suitcase. This makes it very easy to be tugged around the inside of buildings or virtually anywhere that it can’t be ridden. It’s got front and rear brake lights, a regenerative braking system, and a companion app with a good variety of functions and commands.

CityGo Urban is different from most other electric scooters currently on the market in that it has three speed modes that each have one MPH setting. Riders can simply push off the ground with their foot and depending how hard they pushed, the scooter will automatically detect which one of the three speed levels to set to. Riders can then toggle between the three settings at their will. The three speeds are: 6 MPH, 12 MPH, and 15MPH for the CityGo Urban. There is also a CityGo Urban Pro model that goes 10 MPH, 14 MPH, and 18 MPH. The maximum range for them is 12.5 miles and 16 miles respectively on the lowest speed setting.

city urban electric scooter

Caption: CityGo Urban electric scooter,(Photo,CityGo)

CityGo Urban vs CityGo Urban Pro comparison

The company is offering two versions of electric scooter, the CityGo Urban and the CityGo Urban Pro.
ProductMax PowerWeightBatteryTop SpeedMax RangeCharge timeRetail Price
CityGo Urban300 Watts9.8 kg4.3 Ah15.5 MPH12.5 Miles2.5 hours$950.00
CityGo Urban Pro350 Watts9.8 Kg5.8 Ah17.5 MPH16 Miles3 hours$1,050.00

As far as electric scooters, hoverboards, or any other electric personal transportation device goes, the CityGo Urban is very lightweight. It weighs only 21 lbs, which is light enough for just about anyone to lift if they need to stow it in a closet or elsewhere. The price available on the Indiegogo site is $599, but the Hong Kong based company has plans to eventually retail the CityGo for $950. Though currently sold out, the CityGo will resume making shipments in November according to their Indiegogo site.


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