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The Secret to Business Success Resides in Your Subconscious, Says Transformation Coach Jeremy Griffin


Every businessperson, entrepreneur, and solopreneur sets out with big dreams and hopes for their venture. They want to make it to the top, or at least try, as they conquer what they set out to- on their journey for greatness. The problem is that along the way, these brave souls will encounter challenges and demands that may be too much for them to bear – at least for right now. They are trying to externally manifest an internal vision without alignment between their truest self and the CEO role that they now find themselves in.

By realigning ones mind, body, and soul, they can overcome any obstacle that stands in their way, says influential mentor and personal transformation coach, Jeremy Griffin. The problem is that too many coaching programs, gimmicks, and books are centered around the conscious mind and the big decisions we make every day. We have been programmed to focus specifically on our conscious, wholly ignoring the subconscious, which actually controls the majority of what we do every day. The subconscious is the foundation of our habits, which quickly determine the successful from the unsuccessful.

We Have to Look Inward

In order to achieve our wildest dreams, we need to be willing to look introspectively and explore our psyche- at a level that few have the courage to do, says Griffin. 

“I work with individuals who tell me they feel stuck or unfulfilled in what they are currently doing, unaware that they are living out of alignment every single day,” said Griffin. “99% of my competition focuses on teaching people about external factors to feeling ‘unstuck;’ I teach about the internal factors that are propelling us to make the decisions we make every single day.”

Griffin takes a multifaceted approach to business, focusing on transforming the individual from the inside out. He works with his clients to change the level of subconscious beliefs and sense of identity to lay the foundation for ‘why’ we do what we do every day.

“Merely focusing on tactics and strategies is not enough,” echoed Griffin. “CEOs are the ones steering the ship (their business). The captain needs to be in-tune with the ocean and weather around him/her. That starts with our personal belief systems and values. I’ve made it my mission to help those who are called for more unpack whatever it is that is holding their subconscious back from greatness.”

The Answers Reside in Ourselves

Griffin has mentored personal trainers, online coaches, yoga teachers, fitness competitors, coaches, executives, and entrepreneurs, helping them to dramatically shift their internal belief systems, release limiting beliefs, and conquer self-sabotaging patterns. Once they work through the hurdles, Griffin walks his clients through realigning with one’s higher purpose, building out an aligned lifestyle and business that is centered on this mind, body, and soul axis.

Most of the people who work with Griffin are at their end’s wit; they have tried every big coaching program and get-successful-quick scheme, only to discover that the biggest problems of all are the ones in their minds. Griffin isn’t afraid to challenge his clients to open up and unpack their past traumas, fears, and criticisms, so they can step into the spotlight as the best version of themselves.

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