The Right Way to Clean Your Apple Watches

The Right Way to Clean Your Apple Watches


Whether you own any apple watch, their bands will get dirty someday. All that dust, sweat and lotions will make your Apple Watch Sport Band or others look untidy.

However, when and how to get your watch bands clean will depend on your circumstances. 

The cleaning of this accessory is essential and is recommended to be done twice a month.  Many of you must be cleaning your watch bands with a lightly wet cloth, which is fair enough.

However, the proper cleaning regime will depend on the watch bands material mainly. We are here to help you so that you don’t end up destroying your expensive watch brands like Apple Watch black sport band, Milanese loop and others.


It is not the best idea to clean your leather watch bands by submerging them in water; it’s because leather absorbs moisture, making it deformed or making its color fade away.

The worst part is after the leather bands dry; they are certainly going to develop cracks.

If your apple watch leather band gets wet by any unavoidable situation, dry it thoroughly with a cloth immediately. Moreover, when your leather bands are too dirty, you need to clean them with a slightly wet cloth, and drying completely is suggested.


If you own an Apple watch sports band made up of silicone, then it is your lucky day, and you don’t have to worry as the silicone band is waterproof.

You can wash them with warm water and light soap. 

However, never use any detergent or other cleaning agents; you may damage its protective coating making the band lose its color and shine.


The Apple watch stainless steel bands Milanese loop are easy to clean. Just take hand soap, water and wash it carefully.

It’s not recommended to wash them under running water as the water can get trapped in crevices which can harm its design, so be careful. Please don’t use any harsh cleaning products; you won’t like your costly band to lose its shine and color.


The watchband, which is made of Nylon material like the Apple Watch 6 sport band, needs to be cleaned with a moist cloth.

The nylon band absorbs water, so after cleaning, you must dry them entirely or start stinking.

Many recommend cleaning them under running water or even in the washing machine but don’t do it unless you are helpless; you don’t want it to be stinky.


No, don’t wash them as the wood bands are polished and tarnished, which can damage. Just wipe the band down with a wet cloth.

If you wash them with water, too much exposure will deform them, and there will be cracks on them also.

Now you may think about how to clean the buckles and adapters? Generally, these are made up of stainless steel, so you can clean them with a soft piece of cloth or even running water, depending upon band material.

Clean all your watch bands carefully and sensitively and dry them thoroughly using a cloth or paper towel, removing all extra water or moisture.

This guide may have helped you understand that cleaning the Apple Watch sport strap requires utmost attention and care. Because if you are not careful while cleaning the watch band of your Apple Watch, then you will damage the band. If you don’t want to let your band get damaged or broken, you need to be careful enough to clean it. No one likes when their Apple watch band is dirty, but you don’t need to think twice before cleaning it to make your band look brand new. 

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