The rate of drug addicted students


In 2020, 14 thousand 952 people received treatment in four government centers of DNC. However, there is no survey on the number of drug addicts in the country, said the officials of the Narcotics Control Department.

According to the report, the demand for yaba is highest among young drug addicts. Yaba was also recovered during the operation by the law enforcement agencies. However, 34 percent of those receiving treatment were addicted to heroin and 26 percent to yaba. That means more than half of those receiving treatment are addicted to heroin and yaba. Others were found to be addicted to phencidyl, marijuana, syringe drugs, alcohol, sleeping pills and roses.

Police arrested five students at a private university in late May this year with the drug LSD. Police say they are involved in drug trafficking as well as consumption. They started using LSD out of curiosity. Later they themselves started this business online.

All but one of the five students are out on bail. The father of one of them told Prothom Alo that the police had lodged a complaint. The future of the child is now uncertain due to drugs. In addition to the disgrace, family members are emotionally broken.

DNC Director (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Masud Hossain told Prothom Alo that most of the students who came for treatment first smoked out of curiosity and persuasion from friends. Gradually they became addicted to drugs. However, most drug addicts are staying out of treatment. He said most of the patients who were treated at the government drug rehabilitation center returned home healthy. Those who return home after treatment are regularly searched.

The report presents information about the people who have been treated at the DNC’s Central Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Tejgaon for five years (2016-20). In these five years, 2,835 people have received treatment there. A review of the data shows that about 75 percent of drug addicts seeking treatment are under the age of 30. A large part of them are not functional.

According to the DNC database, the number of unemployed drug addicts is increasing. In 2019, about 41 percent of the total drug addicts in the country were unemployed. In a span of one year, this rate will increase to about 56 percent in 2020. Five years ago, the rate was about 44 percent.

According to the report, geographically, Bangladesh is close to the international drug route Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent. Due to this Bangladesh is in a very risky situation. Besides, due to the unprotected border, drugs have been found coming through 95 routes in at least 20 districts of the country.

According to the report on the drug situation in the country, the drug situation in the country has also changed over time. Drugs have now spread from town to village. Drugs have spread from homes to streets, workplaces, slums, parks, shopping malls and even educational institutions. People from upper class to lower class are getting addicted to drugs. According to rescue statistics and data, the biggest market is now Dhaka.

Rubina has just taken a job in a private company after completing her master’s degree. The family lives in the village house. He is alone in Dhaka. Rubina met Nazrul on the job. Nazrul, his peer, came to Rubina’s office on business. The two quickly developed a friendly relationship.

One day Nazrul took Rubina to a chat of friends. Where a few young people of the same age were chatting. Those youngsters including Nazrul were taking different types of drugs. They also encouraged Rubina to take drugs. When he did not agree, the others started laughing at him.

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