The outbreak of Hepatitis A is about to over in Northern Kentucky

The outbreak of Hepatitis A is about to over in Northern Kentucky


Public health authorities successfully won the battle against hepatitis A. The very first region to declare the outbreak of the infectious liver disease at an end is Northern Kentucky. According to state health officials in Ohio and Kentucky says that there are still some cases of Hepatitis A. The outbreak of hepatitis A is still not over in some cities. However, the number of cases dropped to single-digit in 2019 in many counties. According to the statement from the Northern Kentucky Health Department on Monday, the hepatitis-A outbreak started in August 2018 is now about to end. There are no cases of the disease for the past four months.

During the outbreak, the district had 319 cases of hepatitis A and four deaths. 2017 did not have many cases of hepatitis A. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the first outbreak of hepatitis A started in 2016 in California. Almost 30 states reported many cases of hepatitis A soon after California’s explosion. Amongst that, Kentucky is the state that faces the worst hepatitis A outbreak. The outbreak hit Kentucky with 4983 cases and 61 death as of November. Ohio also reported 3414 Hepatitis-A cases and 16 deaths. The last outbreak of hepatitis-A in Ohio was in 1990, after that, Ohio had only one or two instances of hepatitis-A.

According to healthcare officials, the main reason behind this outbreak is the heroin and opioid epidemic. Contaminated needles while taking heroin, caused the explosion in many cities. The disease spreads when a person ingests fecal matter. Even the tiniest amount of fecal matter in food or drinks can cause liver illness. Many restaurants had to close their services in Cincinnati soon after their customers suffered from Hepatitis-A. Now the hepatitis-A outbreak in Northern Kentucky is about to end. However, it still a matter of months to completely stop the outbreak. The liver illness can last for several months. Public health officials are providing the vaccine at places where the chances of hepatitis-A are maximum.

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