The One-wheeled Halo Board is part Electric Skateboard, part Hoverboard

If you’ve ever seen Back to the Future II, then you should remember seeing Marty McFly coasting along on a board that doesn’t actually touch the ground. Although we’ve seen several different kinds of prototypes for that kind of technology, one of the closest things we currently have available for purchase today is the Halo Board.

The Halo Board is like a skateboard but balances on one wheel embedded in the center. The eight inch wheel uses micro V2 Halo Sensors to help balance the board. To turn, you shift your weight to your heels or toes and the Halo Board will detect which direction you want to go. It can even ride up hills. To engage the throttle, you simply lean forward. Gyroscopic and pressure sensors allow the Halo Board to automatically detect how fast to propel you by how much lean.

halo board

Caption:©Halo Board, one-wheeled electric skateboard.

LA-based company Halo Board uses a one of a kind self-learning sensor system that automatically adapts to your riding style over time. It makes adjustments based on your leans to personalize your riding experience. No other kind of hoverboard or vehicle uses this technology.

Although somewhat difficult to balance, the Halo Board can be mastered with lots of practice. It’s apparently easier to get used to balancing on by holding someone’s shoulders. Stopping is tricky, as it requires leaning the board to its side while still on it. The initial learning curve may be longer for riders who have no experience skateboarding, surfing, or snowboarding. It’s not necessarily meant for commuting; it’s for enjoyment. According to user reviews, learning to ride is half of the fun.

The Halo Board electric skateboard has a 12 MPH max speed and can travel up to 10 miles on a full charge. It takes approximately one hour to charge the Halo Board’s li-ion battery. A battery indicator on the front of the board tells you how much battery remains. At nighttime, the LED lights covering the edges of the board make it look futuristic. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers that can sync up to your smart phone and play your favorite songs while you ride.

The Halo Board weighs 27 lbs. Made of plastic, the nose of the board is covered with a rubber bumper. The LA based company makes two versions, the Halo Board and the Halo Board Extreme. The Halo Board Extreme goes faster at a maximum acceleration of 14 MPH. The company also produces an off road version of the recently sensationalized two-wheeled hoverboard manufactured by companies like PhunkeeDuck and Segway called the Halo Rover.

Although we might not have to wait too much longer for Marty McFly’s levitating hoverboard, the Halo Board looks pretty close to the real deal, and it’s available right now. The Halo Board currently costs roughly $700 on their website, while the Halo Board Extreme goes for nearly $1,100.


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  1. got a halo board back in july. mine is the regular one and not the extreme. really awesome thinkin bout upgrading to the extreme now.

  2. Awesome board kinda reminds me of that snowboard feeling. Bluetooth speakers are really dope.

  3. Sammy Bernard | December 3, 2016 at 12:41 am |

    Tried my friends Halo yesterday and I’m totally stoked. Gonna try to get one soon.

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