The new sanctions would be a big mistake, Putin warned Biden


Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned US President Joe Biden that renewed sanctions on Moscow over the Ukraine issue could lead to a complete breakdown in Russia’s relations with the United States.

Putin made the warning in a phone call with Biden on Thursday night. News from the BBC.
In a phone call, Biden also issued a counter-warning. He told Putin that the United States and its allies would “definitely respond” to attacks on Ukraine.

Russia urges Biden to hold phone talks with Putin to resolve tensions over Ukraine. The request was followed by a nearly hour-long phone conversation between the two leaders last night. This is the second time this month that Putin and Biden have spoken out.

In a phone call yesterday, Putin warned Biden that it would be a mistake for the United States to impose new sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine issue.

Regarding the phone call, White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said President Biden had made it clear that if Russia continued its aggression in Ukraine, the United States and its allies would respond.

Russia’s foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov said Putin was satisfied with the talks, despite threats from both sides over the phone. He told reporters that the phone call provided a good platform for further discussions.
Moscow and Washington have agreed to hold a meeting in Geneva on the Ukraine issue. Biden and Putin will meet in Geneva on January 10.

The White House says Biden has called on Putin to reach a diplomatic solution.

Ukrainian officials say more than 100,000 Russian troops have been deployed along the border. Russia’s officials fear that Russia could launch an aggression soon. The West, including the United States, has been expressing concern about this. The United States has threatened to impose tougher sanctions on Russia if it invades Ukraine.

Israel has approved a fourth dose of the vaccine for people with a weakened immune system against the highly contagious type of coronary heart disease. The country’s health ministry gave its approval on Thursday. News AFP.

Corona infections are on the rise in Israel. Amicron is being blamed for increasing the risk of infection. In this context, the fourth dose of vaccine was approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Nachman Ash, director general of the Israeli Ministry of Health, told reporters that he had approved a fourth dose of vaccine for people with low immunity.

Ash added that studies have shown that the fourth dose of the vaccine works well. It is feared that people with low immunity are at risk of becoming infected with the virus. In the light of this fear, the use of the fourth dose of the vaccine has been approved.

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