Beleneses had to play a 9-man squad against Benfica in Portugal's top league

The match was canceled after scoring 6 goals with 9 men


Squad of 28 people. Out of these few players, the coach chose the starting XI of the match. But only nine players have been named in the list of players to play against Benfica in Portugal’s top league tomorrow. Only 9 players took to the field!

Many may have been surprised to see a list of players and to see Benfica play with nine players against Benfica’s 11 after the start of the match. But the Belenches coach did not do this to surprise anyone. He didn’t have that way. Out of the 27-man squad, only 17 have been dropped due to corona.

Out of the 9 players of Beleneses, two were goalkeepers. One of them is standing under the goal, the other is defending. That’s what happened in that match Beleneses trailed 6-0 in the first half! The first goal was a suicide. Defending Brazilian goalkeeper Eduardo Santos did it in the first minute of the match.

The referee took a little longer than the allotted time. After a long hiatus, the number of players dropped to seven. The two could not enter the field due to injury.

The referee canceled the match as it was a team of 6 in the second half

This is the state of the match, the Portuguese midfielder of Manchester City tweeted. There he wrote in amazement, ‘What is this? I don’t understand why the match is not being canceled. ‘

After the break, however, the situation took a turn for the worse. In the 36th minute of the match, a player of Beleneses fell on the field after being fouled. He could not get up due to injury. Just then the referee stopped the game. The match was later canceled. Because, according to the rules, a game cannot be played without a team having at least seven players on the field.

What could have happened in such an unequal match, is exactly what happened yesterday. Benfica’s ball possession was 75 percent in the match. The players of Beleneses ate Khabi while running behind the ball. The break time has been extended thinking of their fatigue.

Only 9 players have to play the match – after knowing this, of course, all the players of Beleneses gave a joint statement. There, they wrote, “Football has life only if there is only competition. Football is the only sport that has life. Football is alive only if it can be an example of the health of the masses. Today football has lost its life.

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