The Liberian Education System During The Civil War


Liberia, africa’s oldest republic was once a safe haven for africa brightest minds. Students from across the continent got here to liberia to have a look at due to liberia strong schooling gadget on the time. One of the oldest schools in africa, cuttington turned into liberia first non-public college and turned into once a prestigious organization at the time.

The college of liberia (lu) became liberia first university and is the largest public organization in liberia nowadays. It’s far the best college in the u . S . That offer md and phd in pick out fields. In the past due 80s the “liberian civil conflict” broke out and the light whilst dark on liberia. Liberia changed into competing with institutions across the continent as all of the former colonies were now impartial and the power for instructing the hundreds had been a concern for most of the francophone and anglophone former colonies whilst the light went darkish. The civil battle did two vital matters to the liberian education machine.

The educated had been both killed or flew the u . S . A .. This was the period liberians discuss with as “the mind drain” whilst knowledgeable liberians left the us of a for survival reasons and also to find greener pastures in different nations. When the knowledgeable left, the training machine collapsed. Those people have been the foundations in the education region. There was a vacuum left and it needed to be stuffed due to the fact liberians have this love for training that people have been nonetheless going to school inside the maximum deplorable conditions.

Doing the peak of the civil war, liberians still saw light on the quit of the tunnel; it felt like there was a effective gravitational force pulling them into jam % school rooms with bullet holes inside the partitions. It become normal for faculties to be open nowadays and closed the following day due to the fact the rebels/authorities soldiers had been in the city/village or city. This turned into an excellent region for recruiting greater younger men and women to fight their war. This educational vacuum become filled by using loved ones, buddies, classmates and those that honestly wanted cash at the time. Liberian colleges were being taught via high school drop outs, faculties have been being taught at the time by means of university students or drop outs.

Maximum if no longer all magnificence fabric were old, i can like to say that liberia changed into at the time completely reduce off from the relaxation of the world. People who wanted rapid ticket out of schools sold their way out. Teachers overtly requested for bribes for grades, this cause negative acting college students that can’t proved their grades in countrywide and waec (west african examinations council) exams. Liberia has vibrant students and instructors, however they’re overshadowed via terrible performing students, corrupt teachers and school directors. Life is tough as a liberian student, further to these many issues i stated above, college students stroll miles to faculties, no lunches are supplied; benches for students to take a seat on are non-existent. The colleges are percent like spam, instructors are not nicely educated. No textual content books are provided to teachers, all these have to make a scholar stay faraway from classes, but the gravitational force is sizeable and it is pulling students to lessons irrespective of school situations.

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