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Welcome to the event. Plan International Bangladesh has been implementing a project called ‘Y-Moves’ for marginalized youth since July 2019. Nilufar Nargis Purbasha will present the survey information of this project.

We conducted community scorecard surveys on 26 effective adolescent-friendly healthcare centers in the country. A total of 6 adolescents took part in the survey, of which 565 were adolescents and 311 were adolescents. In addition, service providers in healthcare centers also took part in the survey. In this scorecard, we see that the centers got an average score of 63% in the survey conducted on the adolescents and the centers got an average score of 63% in the survey conducted on the service providers.

The scorecard survey was conducted in May and November 2021. A report is prepared by analyzing the results obtained in this survey. According to the survey, service center monitoring from district and upazila family planning offices has increased during this period. Initiatives taken at various times based on data from the May survey have led to positive changes in healthcare centers, according to the results of the November survey.

Adolescents participating in the survey expressed satisfaction with the Centre’s restrooms, safe and safe drinking water and separate toilet facilities for girls and boys. However, separate toilet facilities are missing in Dhaka Maternal Home, Child Health Training Institute, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari, Naogaon, Jhalokati Maternal and Child Welfare Centers. The same picture is seen at Baharsara in Cox’s Bazar, Sagardari in Jessore, Barubari Union Health Family Welfare Center in Kurigram. The survey found,

Adolescent health is an important part of the Department of Family Planning. We have created adolescent health strategies. Corona has come up with a huge challenge. It was difficult to get general treatment during Corona. It is more difficult to provide adolescent-friendly healthcare there. The government is taking initiative to set up 592 model union health centers. There will be all the necessary facilities for adolescent-friendly healthcare. After 592 centers, all the subsequent centers will be modeled on this model center. At the union level, 159 mother and child welfare centers have been set up. 317 doctors will be recruited here soon. In our country there are usually

Plan International Bangladesh has been conducting activities for adolescents and youth for a long time in coordination with the Department of Family Planning i.e. MCS Service Unit. We have jointly inspected these at the international and local levels. Many organizations, including Plan International, have worked closely with us in this regard. Y-Moves and Plan International have good plans to move forward. If any information or advice is required in this regard, it will be assisted.

We put a lot of effort into creating scorecards. This scorecard has come to this stage as a result of a lot of hard work. This scorecard has been updated and with everyone’s advice, which is now being implemented through Wi-Moves. Many issues have been reported in today’s discussion. It will be possible to go further in the coming days by using this information and your experience. In addition to collecting information, the centers will benefit if your experiences are put to practical use in our service centers. The Department of Family and Planning will be aware of your latest report.

We’ve had a teen-friendly health corner. Signboards of these centers have been damaged in some districts. For that, in front of the adolescent-friendly health center and on the way to travel, signboards with instructions and information should be ensured. Our representatives are always invited to the meetings of the

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