The Glasgow deal will keep hopes alive


After the marathon talks in Glasgow, Scotland, the representatives of different countries reached a consensus at the last minute. The Glasgow deal was finally completed on Saturday night with several concessions. However, in the last days, the Glasgow Climate Agreement had to add the language of limiting the use of coal instead of stopping it. This has weakened the agreement. Yet it is an ambitious endeavor to curb global warming.

The final agreement calls on world leaders to come back next year with strong plans to curb carbon emissions. It also called on rich countries to provide at least double funding to help poor countries adapt to the effects of climate change by 2025.

As a host country, the United Kingdom has encouraged other countries in the world to pledge to stop deforestation and limit the use of methane and coal. If each country keeps their promises, it will have a positive effect.

These are significant steps as a final agreement. This will prevent long-term carbon emissions and curb temperature. But the question is, will it be possible to stick to the target of 1.5 degree rise in global temperature? No decision was taken at the conference this time. But Glasgow is raising hopes. But the real impact of COP-26 may not be seen in the next few years.

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