The epidemic is expected to end this year for three reasons


After two years of more than half a crore deaths and economic losses, people are about to embark on the fight against the Corona epidemic in another new year. Although the new version of the deadly virus has caught the eye, local and international experts are hoping that the scourge will end this year.

Experts are hoping for an end to the epidemic for three reasons. These include the production of corona antibodies in the body of many infected people from the beginning of the infection, the immunization of more than half of the world’s population by the end of 2022, and the loss of their ability to become lethal even when new types of corona are introduced.

There is also fear behind hope. Omicron, caused by repeated mutations after several types of corona, is now plaguing the world. This type of hyper-contagious disease has already spread to most of the countries in the world. However, the Corona has less potential to become lethal than its predecessors. Millions of people in Europe and the United States are being infected with Omicron infection, including previous types of corona. Governments are imposing new and tougher restrictions for fear of escalating the situation. But hopefully, South Africa, the source of Omicron, lifted the curfew on Friday. The country’s government says Omicron is no longer a major threat. The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, also said that 2022 would be the last year of the epidemic if everyone was alert and effective measures were taken to ensure vaccination.

The New York Times and Reuters reports, citing experts, that by the end of January, the world will reach the peak of Omicron infection. Will go down again. Occasionally such waves may come. Although it will not be fatal. Even it will turn into a seasonal disease.

Director of Boston Children’s Hospital in the United States told CNN on Saturday. Offer Levy says the Corona epidemic will soon be our first experience. But we have to deal with this virus. It will become a seasonal disease like winter-summer.

“Everything depends now on how quickly we can control the epidemic,” said Arnold Monto, acting chairman of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for vaccines and biotechnology and professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan. Epidemics or epidemics are not an issue.

Anthony Fusi, the chief virologist in the United States, told CNN that when you think of an epidemic, you see that it is declining. Then it will come under control. Hopefully, in the next step you will be able to pull the reins or finish it.

Some say that if governments around the world do not quickly get the majority of their people vaccinated, the new type of corona could prolong the epidemic. At the same time, it is important for people to be aware of the virus. Scientists and experts believe that coronavirus will weaken and turn into seasonal influenza. In this case, you must always be alert to prevent the common flu.

Former Director of the Disease Control Branch of the Department of Health, Professor. Bay-Nazir Ahmed told Samakal that Omicron is prone to infection. Millions of people have been infected in different countries of Europe and America. But their hospitalization rate is low. At the same time death is less. If more people become infected, antibodies will be made and they will be protected later. Even if no new species emerges, 2022 could be the last year of the Corona epidemic. We will have to wait a few more months for this. Now the government should bring people under vaccination as soon as possible.

Former Vice Chancellor and Virologist Professor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. Nazrul Islam told Samakal that a study had been conducted in Scotland on the number of coronavirus cases and the number of hospital admissions. It found that 48 out of every 100 people in Delta had to be hospitalized. This number is only 15 per 100 people in Omicron. Another study in South Africa indicated that the wave of Omicron was slowing down. It said people need to be treated at the hospital 60 to 70 percent less.

According to an analysis by Imperial College London, mutations in Omicron have made it a less serious virus than Delta. However, the virus is spreading rapidly. But it is not able to make people seriously ill. Through this, antibodies are being made in the human body. If the new virus does not mutate, it may be the last step in the epidemic. Focusing on the analysis, Professor. Nazrul Islam said, but will have to wait a few more days to say it.

Former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Professor. ABM Abdullah told Samakal that 10 Omicron infected people have been identified in the country so far. They are all healthy and no one had to be hospitalized. As a result, it is contagious but not serious.

A new study from the Africa Health Research Institute found that antibodies increased by 4.4 times when blood from Omicron-infected patients came in contact with Delta. In contrast to other studies on cross-variant immunity, antibodies produced in the Delta reaction show a negative response to omicron. That is, Omicron becomes weak.

Dr. Abdullah added that if Omicron was the eroded type, the later types could be softer. The evolution of the virus will lead to a less serious type and people will win by fighting against that virus. For example, people fight against colds and coughs. Since Omicron infection cannot cause serious illness. As a result, some researchers have referred to it as a natural vaccine.

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