The corona of two lions through humans

The corona of two lions through humans


The corona of two lions has been identified at a zoo in the Croatian capital, Zagreb. The news agency AFP reported this information.

Local officials said on Wednesday that the lion had contracted two corona through a care worker.

Croatia’s agriculture ministry said in a statement that this was the first case of corona infection in an animal at the country’s zoo.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the two lions have coronary symptoms. In this regard, their samples are collected and tested. The corona of the two lions tested positive.

The two lions are now undergoing treatment, said Damir Eskok, head of the zoo. He said the two lions were infected through a care worker. Later in the test, the corona of that worker was also identified.

Damir told local media that the infected workers in Corona are doing well. Both lions are good. However, they are seen sneezing and coughing occasionally. They are recovering.

Dami said the two lions were kept inside a glass enclosure. So no visitor to the zoo has a chance to come in contact with them.

Other animals that the infected worker cared for or came in contact with were also coronary tested. The authorities hope that the results of this test will be known soon

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