Tafarel has come to Liverpool

The coach of Liverpool is the World Cup winning Brazilian


Liverpool have brought in a new coach for the team’s goalkeepers. Former World Cup-winning legend Claudio Tafarel, who worked as Brazil’s goalkeeping coach, has come to Liverpool.

He will practice with Alison Baker, Khuvin Kelehar and Adrian, along with other goalkeeping coaches John Akterberg and Jack Robinson. Tafarel has already been allowed to work in England.

Tafarel will be coaching both Brazil and Liverpool at the same time. He played 101 matches for the Brazilian national team. Brazil won the 1994 World Cup and twice the Copa America. Tafarel was also the main goalkeeper for Brazil’s 1998 World Cup runners-up.

Liverpool manager Jrgen Klopp is thrilled to have Tafarel in his coaching staff. We also have Khuvin Keleher, whom we consider to be one of the most talented players. We have Adrian, who has regularly shown our own values. We also have goalkeepers of different ages like Marcelo Pitaluga and Harvey Davis. ‘

“We talked to Ali (Alison),” said goalkeeper Alison, who played a key role in bringing Tafarel to the team. Because, two of the best goalkeepers in the world are from Brazil. So we decided to bring in Brazil’s goalkeeping coach Tafarel. Who is a wonderful addition to our coaching team. We have brought in another experienced coach to make Liverpool one of the best clubs in the world in terms of goalkeeping. ‘

Brazil team in the 1994 World Cup. Tafarel is on the far left above

Tafarel made his debut for the Brazilian national team in 1986. The goalkeeper played in three consecutive World Cup games (1990, 1994, 1996) and played for the national team until 2003. He was the main protagonist of Brazil’s victory in the tiebreaker against Italy in the 1994 World Cup final.

Tafarel was named in the best FIFA XI of the 1998 World Cup. He has played for clubs like Parma and Galatasaray in his career.


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