The Best Screen Recording and Video Editing Software- DemoCreator Review


Screen casting or screen recording is the art and skill of recording the computer screen or mobile screen output to use it for later uses. Due to the screencast function, the activities running in your digital devices such as videos, lectures, or games will be recorded for later use.

As the technology is advancing, the uses of tech are also advancing rapidly. In the current era there are lists of uses of screen recording software, such as:

  • Students can record any lecture and can listen to it later on. This will help in better understanding of the concepts in their comfort zones.
  • Software developers can screen cast their projects and can look for bugs and updates in their software/application after doing the whole workout and procedures.
  • Digital webinars and seminars can be recorded with this function. This can be helpful for the people and the attendees who were unable to attend the function.
  • In classrooms, screen casting can help out teachers and students to a greater extent. It can help in developing interest and friendly relation of students towards teachers.
  • Through screencasting one can easily record their gaming/other correlated videos and then publish it on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube for better reach.

Things to Consider When Looking for A Better Screen Recorder:

With the advancements in technology, the uses and the applications of technology are also advancing. From listening to things only once to hearing them multiple times. From controlled learning to self-paced learning, everything is revolutionized in terms of tech and its extensive uses.

With the passage of days, the screen recorders are also coming with various advanced functions and expertise. These well-equipped software’s with flexible uses can perform your work within a wink of an eye. But for choosing a better screen recorder for your work processes there are multiple features that need to be considered.

● Video Recording Quality:

Obviously, the top-most feature considered for the best screen recorder/caster is its video quality. Any software with poor video quality and with lags can’t fix your problems. Choosing the software offering the video qualities of HD, 2K, or 4K must be the first choice of any user.

● Screen Recording Options:

A screen recorder with limited options and limited features is no good at all. Is it? Variety of screen recording options such as recording with audio enabled/disabled, recording with half/full screen, etc. is the must requirement for a better screen caster.

● Editing Options:

The latest versions of screen recorders do not come with recording options only. Instead, they come with a wide range of editing options. In modern day’s screen recorders, video editing are done professionally by adding effects, annotations, stickers, captions, transitions, and many more things to make a perfect content.

● Sharing Capabilities:

A good screen caster must have the sharing capabilities. The processed video can be shared on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, & YouTube for better promotions and reach.

● User Friendliness:

A software with extensive features but lack of user understandings and user friendliness is no good at all. When opting for good software for screen recording, go through its interface and feedback for better understanding of user friendliness.

● Customer Support:

No software or tool is error-free. Strong customer support is the key feature for any software. Any free or paid software with lack of a customer support system is not worth it. For selecting the best software, go through the feedback and reviews for gaining a better idea about the customer support system offered by the software.

Recording & Editing with The Best Screen Recorder- DemoCreator:

About DemoCreator:

DemoCreator is a multi-purpose recording and editing software. It is a powerful software that is used by gamer, YouTubers, & other content creators. DemoCreator differentiates from many other software is because of its extensive features and ease of using those features.

From best recording quality to professional level editing. From fast exporting to adding quality effects, the Wondershare DemoCreator holds it all under its belt. Some of the hottest features that helps Demo Creator to outsource many other competitors are:

  1. Elite Recording Quality
  2. Fast Exporting
  3. Mirror Effects
  4. AI Human Avatar
  5. Professional Editing Tools
  6. User Friendly
  7. Real Time Screen Drawing
  8. Audio Fade In/Out

9. Ease Of Use

Recording Screen with DemoCreator:

Screen recording/casting in DemoCreator is really simple and easy and it assesses you with a wide variety of options attracting you more towards their product. Unlike the other software’s and tools, the Wondershare DemoCreator provides you with elite quality for recording, editing, & then exporting your videos to different paths in multiple qualities available according to your requirements.

For recording the screen just simply launch the DemoCreator software. After launching it click on the red button labeled ‘record screen’. Here you will receive a wide variety of options such as record with audio, record with webcam, system audio, & capture area to be selected.

Next, select the quality for recording that is suitable for your device. To add on, if you want to record your webcam and audio then enable the audio and webcam options by clicking on them. Not clicking on the options will only record your screen in the quality selected. The recommended quality for recording a video in DemoCreator is 1280 * 720 (HD).

Thus, after recording a file successfully, save it in your device and then move towards the editing and exporting options for further discovery.

Editing Videos with DemoCreator:

Editing the video in a good manner plays a major role in the content whether it is related to any field. The good editing generates and adds up to the value of the video resulting in more positive reach and reviews. Besides the recording, the video editing software is well-equipped with a wide variety of video effects to make a perfect video.

Editing is a vast category that is further divided into various subcategories. The DemoCreator includes them all.

● Adding Subtitles/Captions:

The subtitles or captions play a vast role in editing the video. Adding captions in a video is easy using this software. For this procedure, just simply launch the software and click on the import file. After clicking on the import file, choose the file that you have to edit.

Secondly, look for the captions option right at the top of the software. Click on the captions option and look for subtitles. Out of various subtitles, select any one option by identifying the language used in the video. After selecting one option, click on the ok for applying subtitles to your video. You can also change the font & styling of captions according to your requirements by more options given there.

● Adding Annotations:

The annotations are the way of conveying an important message through the video. The messages can be added in a fancy style with various fonts that can be attractive to audiences making your videos differentiate from others.

By clicking on the annotations, choose from the wide varieties of annotations options available. Such as text, shapes, line & arrow, & favorites. After choosing one category, install the following package and click on the following to apply it on your video for editing.

● Adding Stickers:

Stickers are an essential effect that is widely used in many videos. Adding multiple and authentic stickers to your video also adds to professionalism and finishing to your video. Moreover, another benefit of adding stickers in your videos is that the audience seems to engage with your content and does not try to skip that. This strategy makes your content more reachable and scalable.

The DemoCreator allows you to use several categories of stickers in your videos such as, emoji stickers, animation stickers, game stickers, & education stickers. For adding multiple stickers into your videos and making them unique just hook on the following steps.

After launching DemoCreator, import a video file from your device. Next browse for the stickers button at the top. By clicking on the stickers, choose from the several varieties of sticker options available. After choosing one category, install the following package in your software according to your most suitable requirements and then click on the following to apply it on your video.

● Adding Transitions:

The video transitions are another effect that is offered by this software. Transitions are a post-production technique widely used in video editing. In transitions effect, one shot is connected with another shot without any blank space left in between. The process is done professionally and efficiently as it generates value to your edited video.

The DemoCreator offers a healthy number of transitions for shaping the video in a better way. There are a variety of transition options available. Such as basic transitions, 3d transitions, warp transitions, slideshows, ripple & dissolve, etc. To add transitions in DemoCreator, consider the following steps.

Just as previously, launch the software and import your file to be edited. Next look for the transition button at the top. Click on the transition. Here you will see different types of transitions as mentioned earlier. Click on the sub-category that is suitable for meeting your criteria for editing. Next install the following package. Click on the ok to apply the transitions to your video.

● Adding Audio Effects:

Besides the other editing sub-categories, the audio effects are the most important. The audio effects decide the pitch of the video and generate value for your video. The latest version of Wondershare DemoCreator allows users to add different types of sound effects such as sound of music, games, animals, life, etc. To add sound effects, follow these simple steps.

After launching the DemoCreator software import a video file that you want to edit. Next look for the sound option at the top. Click on the sound option to add and adjust effects that are suitable to your video editing requirements.

Exporting Videos with DemoCreator:

After recording and editing the video the final and major step that arises is the exporting of those videos. Besides the elite recording and extensive editing functions the DemoCreator allows you to export your videos in the best quality available.

Exporting the video in DemoCreator is just simple and easy. After editing your videos, you can see the export button at the top of the software. Click on the export button. Next after clicking on the export, name your project and select the file type that you need to export. Choose your directory and upload your file in that directory. You can also export and share your videos directly to YouTube in the best quality available.


The bottom line is that DemoCreator differentiates from other alternating software’s and tools because of its wide number of features offered. From extensive editing features to best recording quality, from user friendly interface to powerful functions, the Wondershare DemoCreator includes them all.

Moreover, the things that differentiate this software from multiple other software’s are the multiple effects such as adding subtitles, annotations, AI effects, stickers, and ease of use of this software. These all effects add to the quality of video and to add cherry to the top they are much easier to use with proper guidelines to use them efficiently.

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