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The Best Maintenance Ticket System for Laptop Service Shop


When it comes to repairing a laptop, it’s far more complex than a cell phone. The reason is its repair parts and sensitive repair process. Plus, it is on the pricier side too. You might find the business profitable and manageable at the beginning of the business. But as your business expands and clientele increases, managing all the customers and functions of your repair store becomes arduous. You become overwhelmed by the emails, texts, and queries flooding your mailbox. Indeed, you will miss a bundle of messages and can’t respond to all. That’s where your repair business will slip, and you will start disappointing your customers. Before even launching to its potential, your business will go down the hill. All because you lost customer satisfaction.

That’s where the maintenance ticket system comes in!

By enabling it in your laptop service shop, you can solve the management problem once and for all, resulting in satisfied customers. It saves all the customer’s data, sales & purchase history, phone logs, etc., so that you never miss an opportunity from any customer. But the question arises: What kind of laptop service shop software do you need? Which is the best one for your business?

In this article, you will find the best maintenance ticket software features for your laptop repair business. So let’s dive into it.

Ticket Creation

Ticket creation is the first task you do when a customer enters your repair store. You take their information and generate a ticket for them. The management ticket system has made this process smooth. The customers can check in by putting their data and generating the ticket. After that, you can attach the other necessary details to the ticket. Or you can also input information and save it however you like.

Pre-configured Repair Services

Select a software that has the facility of pre-configuration in it. You will end up saving a lot of time with this facility. You should have a variety of configurations to choose from instead of creating your own from scratch. Just like templates to help you set your repair shop details in it.

Assigning Technician

Communication among the team is one of the most important things that creates a fuss in the repair store. The tasks are not well communicated with the technicians on a priority basis, which causes confusion and your repairs get way behind schedule. This is where the software for repair shop helps you. For example, while creating a ticket, you can assign the technician to it so that it notifies him about it. This way, everyone is clear about their tasks, and there will be no communication gap.

Attach Repair Parts in the Ticket

In addition to assigning the technicians, you can also attach the information on the repair parts in the ticket. You can do that while creating a ticket or after that. Mostly it is done with it so that you have an idea of the items’ availability in your inventory. It also helps in invoicing and billing. Moreover, you can reorder the parts right away if they are unavailable at the moment. So ticketing software can do 90% of the work during ticket creation.

Ticket Management

Next up is ticket management. After creation, it’s necessary to follow up with customers on the tickets and provide them with the information. Here are a few features that a Software for Repair Shop must include in terms of ticket management.

Filter Tickets

You have tens of hundreds of tickets created in your system, and finding the required one can be difficult. So choose a system that gives you the filter feature. You can filter the tickets according to your status, like overdue, paid, etc., or names. Furthermore, you can sort them in whatever order you want. Therefore, the software should be flexible and customizable to your requirements.

Send Tickets Directly to Customer’s Email

Instead of printing the tickets and handing them to customers, the software sends them directly to them. So whether it’s an invoice, repair job update, or delivery status, all are communicated instantly through emails or texts. This feature saves you loads of time and money, which you can utilise doing repairs and focusing on business growth.

Ticket History

All tickets’ activities are tracked in the system, from where you can check and verify whatever information you want. Whether the partial payment is made or complete, it is all displayed in the ticket history with a complete timeline. With this feature, there is no chance of losing track of anything especially repair parts or retail items.

Have A Convenient Display

Maintenance Ticket System provides a complete view of your repair business on a single-screen dashboard. You can monitor your sales, purchase, top-selling products, and top customers. You can view multiple reports to analyze your store’s performance. Moreover, whenever a client enquires about their laptop’s repair progress, his information is displayed automatically on the screen. So it helps you to guide that person without asking for his ticket number or name.

Saving Customer Data

The best thing a repair software does is save your data for future use. You can export the ticket information if you want to switch the software. Moreover, you can send your customers promotional texts and discount information to engage them again. It saves your call log and texts, so you don’t forget any calls and return them for potential leads. It’s a great way of marketing, ticket management, and creation.

All these points are the essential attributes of the best Maintenance Ticket System. So when selecting one for your laptop repair business, look for these, and you will not be disappointed.

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