Tesla is Investigating Incident of Apparent Car Explosion in China

Tesla Inc. announced that it had sent a team to look into the video which went viral on Chinese social media. The electric carmaker intends to investigate an apparent explosion that took place in China, in one of its vehicles. A video that appears to show a white Tesla Model S catching fire went viral on Weibo, a Chinese social network. As a result, the electric carmaker has decided to inspect the matter. Tesla used the same medium, Weibo, to backfire. It said no adverse cases or casualties reported at the time. The company said it is working with respective departments to cope up with the situation. Still, the post revealing the incident is becoming one of the most-read topics on the platform. Around five million people viewed #Teslaself-ignites.

The viral video revealed a Tesla S car parked in parking starting to release smoke from its bonnet. After that, the electric vehicle began exploding and bursting into flames. The happening has also damaged vehicles parked nearby the car. According to the timestamp, in the video taken from a CCTV camera, the apparent blast took place on Sunday evening. Although, the happening could add worries regarding the safety of electric vehicles which use high-energy-density lithium batteries. According to Bloomberg, in 2018, China reported a minimum of 40 fire-related incidents which had close ties with energy vehicles. Since 2013, around 14 Tesla vehicles caught fire. Most of the times the explosion occurred after a crash, but this time it happened in case of a parked car.

As per reports of CNBC, in January, Corboy & Demetrio, a Chicago law firm, said there had been more than 12 cases across the world since fast five years. Most of them reveal Model S batteries blowup in parked vehicles and collisions. According to fire brigade authorities, the explosion took place in an underground garage at a residential complex on Wending Road in Xuhui District. At the time, 15 trucks departed to the site. The fire trapped the first level from the two-level underground parking. Later firefighting authorities stated that three cars, the Tesla, a Lexus, and an Audi, were damaged in the fire.

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