Tesla Gearing up for a Grand Launch in China

As Tesla’s chief is meeting with the Chinese  Premier Li kequiang, the company is preparing the shipment and racing against the time to send the Tesla Model 3 Sedans to the china. As the US Government releases the trade war deadline, the company is getting tons of cars from their factories to the ship containers and shipping them to Chinese Ports. Truckloads of Model 3 cars from the company factories are coming in the San Francisco where they are kept in the large parking lots; then they are loaded on to a shipping container for their journey to the communist country.

Everyone knows the love of China for electric. That’s why Tesla is gearing up its business and opening up in Chinese markets. The first batch of cars was about to reach Shanghai today from Glovis Symphony carrier. Not just this, but another two shipping container carriers named Emerald Ace and Morning Cindy will dock on to Chinese ports by next week. All of three ships contain thousands of Tesla’s Model 3 sedan cars ready to launch in the Chinese Markets. Not just the shipped vehicles, but Tesla is manufacturing the same cars in their Shanghai Factory to meet the expected demands in the Chinese markets.

Currently, there is a trade war going on between the United States and China, which has resulted in the trade slowdown between these two countries? Also, trading the good with another country would cost a whole lot of money in shipping costs, duties and taxes. Due to this, Tesla’s Model 3 cars will become way more expensive in Chinese markets. Tesla is going to use these shipped cars for first customers, and then all the cars will be sent from the Gigafactory in Shanghai. The Model 3 is expected to launch in Chinese Markets by March 1.

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