Tesla Faces Difficulties For the Upcoming Driverless Vehicles

Tesla Faces Difficulties for the Upcoming Driverless Vehicles


On Monday, Elon Musk announced Tesla’s driverless cars would arrive in some markets in the upcoming year. He announced the electric carmaker has switched from Nvidia’s Drive platform to its independent custom chip. Musk has said that the hardware complete, developments in the software will allow vehicles to drive without a driver. Although, the technology faces many regulatory barriers from local and Washington governments. At the moment many tech giants across the automobile industry are working on self-driving units. While analysts say, it will take years to launch the system.

On the other hand, Musk says, the electric car maker will deploy over millions of cars with entire self-driving potential. Tesla had worked on the module since 2016, and Musk promised the cars would arrive by 2018. So it is a target which the company has missed. The news of unveiling new chip has not affected investors that much. Maybe the chip announcement concerned share market because Tesla’s share rose slightly in after-hours trading. According to the company, an autopilot car is like stepping forward towards full self-driving cars. Recently, the company launched a new feature, Navigate on Autopilot, for its autopilot cars. Along with it Tesla’s car can automatically change lanes and switch from on-ramp to off-ramp on the highway.

During Tesla’s First Autonomy Investor Day event, the CEO launched a microchip for self-governing cars. The move could offer an edge on its competitors across the market. Musk announced that the electric carmaker is now installing FSDC (Full Self-Driving Computer) in all new Teslas. He calls it the first and best computer chip across the globe. Tesla’s robotaxi intention has impressed Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives. But he says investors will be concerned by the feasibility and financial impact of its attempt. The analyst pinpoints other rivals like Waymo who are miles ahead of the autonomous competition. Musk replied depending on Lidar, which is a light-based sensor technology commonly used in other self-driving vehicles.

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