Technical SEO to Generate Traffics 3 times


There are many ways to generate traffic on your website but one of the most effective ways which can generate 3 times traffic on your website is technical SEO and today in the article below we will discuss the same. If you are a great brand and have an amazing social media presence trust me that’s not enough SEO is equally important to generate traffic on your website as we know SEO a part of digital marketing until you’re not good as knowing  about their criterias you cannot do SEO as well if you wants to learn i recommend to you join dg royals the best digital marketing institute in delhi

What Is Technical SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the most common practice used to generate organic traffic on your website and it is a practice that ranks your website or blog organically on google and other search engines and one of the important factors of its performance. Technical SEO is also a part of SEO and a website with strong technical SEO will make the jobs of search engines easy and give them ample time to crawl and also provide a great user experience. The performance of the website and the experience of the users both are significant factors of attaining a good ranking on Google and it’s not possible to get your website rank without an effective technical SEO. 

Let’s discuss some of the best practices to make your technical SEO Strong.

1) Choose the best hosting provider

While you are building a website it’s very important for you to choose the best hosting provider because the server plays the most important role in the performance of the website and one of the important factors of Technical SEO. Not so good servers can invite hackers, viruses and increase the chance of losing your website’s data. You very wisely need to select a server and you should definitely think about your budget but also keep in mind the quality of the hosting servers and we recommend not to compromise with its quality and look for the features they are providing. Therefore always do good research before buying hosting for your website.

2) Optimize the page loading Speed

ser experience is maximized when the page loading speed is quick and the user does not have to wait for long and the page is loaded. People are always in a rush and when the page takes time to open they do not wait for long and jump to another website to look for a solution and to maintain the speed of your website you need to follow certain tips that can optimize your page’s speed.

  1. a) Image Optimization
  2. b) Choosing the Best Hosting Server
  3. c) Cache and Contact Delivery Network
  4. d) Plan Your Website
  5. e) Always use HTTP/2
  6. f) Always Test the Speed of your Website

3) Use Responsive Themes

Almost everyone uses the internet and all of us have smartphones these days and more than using a desktop or a laptop we use the internet on our phones, therefore it becomes very important for us to use a responsive theme while creating a website because people like mobile-friendly websites. Responsive themes are mobile-friendly and make your website look attractive on mobiles too and it is now one of the most important factors of getting a good ranking on Google and don’t forget to check their result what’s going on, check it by google search console if you don’t know what is this you need to learn, I recommend you join dg royals here you’ll learn so many things as like i got from there they’re providing best digital marketing course in delhi

4) Design A Crawl-Friendly Website

Your website should be designed in such a way that you can maximum clicks. If you have fewer clicks on your website the Google spiders take a lot of time to crawl and then index your content on Google. If you have many internal links on your page and users click a lot and spend more time on your website then the spiders will not take much time to crawl on your website and help to index and rank your page on the search engines. It’s better to create many internal links on your website so that users spend a long time on your page and make the job of spiders easy.

5) Say no to Duplicate content on Website

A successful blogger is the one who always creates fresh and knowledgeable content always and provides the best information to his/her users and gives them something new to read every time they visit your website. Duplicate Content is a big no for the bloggers and this can impact their ranking too. Last but not least, You can hire a SEO expert like Zubair Hussain Khan for modern SEO strategies. 

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