Syed Ehtisham Munir

Syed Ehtisham Munir – Self Made Entrepreneur


Syed Ehtisham Munir a young Pakistani self-made Entrepreneur. A digital marketer and founder of different companies like Advisor Dog, Arabian Tourism, and managed to run his digital agency 6C Marketing successfully.

He is called SEO Magician from Easy Event Planning. A company that was never able to achieve any higher ranking from Syed Ehtisham came into the game.

He grew up in Islamabad, and now Ehtisham owns a multi-million dollar business, having offices located in Islamabad, Dubai, and New York. He taught more than 400 students who were interns in Easy Event Planning LLC.
He won the award of ‘The Best Digital Marketer’ from Dream Night Tours LLC and gained popularity in Dubai.
There are only a small number of digital marketers who can even qualify for this prestigious award.
Pakistanis are amongst the most intelligent people in the world if we apply our minds positively. He is aiming toward the international Entrepreneur awards in the upcoming year to increase the name of Pakistan globally.

Q. We asked Syed Ehtisham Munir what made him join this field at a very small age and how he came to digital Marketing?

A. I was a child and school student not very many people used to have computers at that time. I always love to hack games and do shortcuts. I made a virus in my computer lab using notepad and it keeps restarting the computer. From that day I started to learn more about this stuff and jumped into blogging in 2010. I stopped asking for pocket money from my family and started to earn by myself from a cafeteria where I work part-time and I continued my studies and digital marketing space. I joined a software house back in 2012 and from there I learned the word SEO and how people came up in search results. I started to study and that’s what changed my life.
Now I own a digital marketing agency 6C Marketing with my partner Intisar.

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