Surrogacy and the impact of war on Ukrainian surrogacy procedure by the Russian army


Surrogacy is surely a real breakthrough process that has helped and is currently helping many infertile couples to have a baby of their own. Moreover, having a biological child is a dream of all couples, but some medical conditions restrict them from having one. People continuously look for opportunities to have a genetic child whom they call their child with all the legal documentation. When surrogacy was not introduced, people would adopt someone else’s child. But since surrogacy has become popular, people are opting for it at different costs. Feskov is the best fertility clinic ukraine.

Feskov reproductive clinic offers all infertile couples and singles to have their babies. Also, the reproductive group charges a very less amount since it’s based in Ukraine and the surrogacy charges in Ukraine are quite low. Moreover, there are plenty of reasons you should only choose a feskov reproductive clinic. Let’s have a look at all those reasons:


The more years you spend in a particular field, the more experience you have. Feskov has been working in a surrogacy clinic since 1995. Even more, the clinic has completed hundreds of Vitro fertilization programs. The completion of these programs means that all the procedures were successful, and there was always a 100% guarantee for the birth of a healthy child.

Healthy newborn

Undoubtedly, all the surrogacy procedures went smoothly, and there is always good news about the birth of a healthy newborn. The feskov reproductive group has expertise in human genomics and PGD diagnostics which permits them to choose a healthy embryo. Also, the future parent can select the gender of the child.


Confidentiality is the first and foremost priority of the Feskov republic. Moreover, the clinical staff uses a personal information protection system that keeps your data private.

Surrogacy in Kyiv

Recently, certain Russian troops entered the territory of Ukraine. This has led to severe destruction and the main hub of surrogacy clinics. Kyiv is the hub of surrogacy in Ukraine which has been badly affected. Moreover, the surrogacy clinics in areas where military operations have stopped providing surrogacy services. Unfortunately, many staff members signed a resignation because there are inadequate facilities to cater to the procedure. Leihmutterschaft Kiew is quite dangerous during the war conditions.

Moreover, the Kharkov area in Ukraine is no longer safe, so the surrogate mothers and staff have been relocated. Besides, there are many other feskov reproductive clinics in other countries. The relocation has been done in western Ukraine, Canada, and western Europe. The surrogate mother needs to give birth in a quiet and peaceful place. Hence feskov reproductive clinics make sure that all the surrogates are safe and deliver a healthy baby.


Surrogacy is a procedure that allows infertile couples to have a biological child. Moreover, the emergence of surrogacy clinics has delighted so many infertile couples. Surrogacy is different in all countries.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is different these days from what it was before. Before the war, surrogacy in Ukraine was a peaceful procedure. Still, ever since the war broke down, it has badly affected some major areas where the surrogacy clinics were much in demand.

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