Stunning Custom Name Neon Signs To Up Your Home Look


Name neon signs are one of the most highly sought-after decorative items in home decor. They’re a unique way to make a personal statement in your own home as well as personalize your own space. Also, these signs are gorgeous for business decor purposes, such as displaying the name of your store or restaurant. 

Personalized name neon sign

A personalized neon sign is a custom-made sign that features a person’s name. These signs are made with LED neon strips mounted on robust quality acrylic backing. The strips are covered inside a layer of protective polymer to produce a bright, colorful light. Personalized neon signs can be used for a variety of purposes such as home decor, room decoration, as a gift, or as a unique way to display a message or artwork.

Parents who welcome a new member into the family customize the name neon sign for their newborn baby’s room. For bachelor and bachelorette, displaying your name in your bedroom is a brilliant way to make you feel special, while married couples can spice up their relationships day by day with their first name or initials displayed in the bedroom.  

They can be customized to different shapes, sizes and colors. So feel free to design your own name neon sign, and let us do the rest. Now is the time to see how brilliantly our customers incorporated custom neon signs into their home decor. 

Gorgeous pink name neon sign in kids’ nursery room to celebrate the arrival of new member

Courtney with a crown in stunning pink color glowing in a galaxy-themed bedroom lights

Dolcie name neon sign adorned on the faux greenery background adds color pops into the makeup room

Boys’ room name neon sign 

Gorgeous warm white neon lights featuring married couples’ family names 

Couples’ first names add glow to the space in very unique way

Couples’ name initials look gorgeous on the wooden wall backdrop 

Custom name neon sign for business logo

Custom name neon signs for a business logo is a creative and effective way to display a company’s name or logo. These signs are often made with LED neon strips mounted on robust quality neon light and are custom-designed to feature the business’s name or logo. 

They are usually used to enhance the visibility of a store front or to create a unique, eye-catching display. Custom neon signs can also be used in a variety of settings, such as trade shows, events, and window displays. By using the company’s colors and font, the sign can also help to reinforce the company’s branding. They can be made in different sizes and shapes to fit the specific space and location. 

Bently’s bar name neon sign adds glow to the bar section

Neon signs are instantly recognizable in most bars, and nightclubs. It’s hard to walk into a bar without being attracted to the gorgeous neon light at first sight. Bar owners have done this, and succeeded big time in attracting bigger customer inflows, and now is your turn. 

Owner’s name neon light brightens a dark corner in the shop

AAVU aesthetics adds color pops into the shop

Beauty salons call for a stunning neon sign. Customers walk into a bodycare shop to get their 6 senses relaxed, and visually and physically pleasured. Take advantage of neon light to create the best experience for your guests. 

Gorgeous name neon sign brightens up any space you hang this

Name neon light to light up parties

LED name neon signs are used to light up parties and create a unique and fun atmosphere. These signs are made with LED lights, which are a type of energy-efficient lighting that can be programmed to display a variety of colors and patterns.

 LED name neon signs can be customized with a person’s name or a specific message and can be used as a decorative element or as a way to display a name or message at a party or event. They can be hung on the entrance, walls, placed on tables or stands, or even used as part of a photo booth. They’re also more durable and longer-lasting than traditional neon signs, making them a great choice for events where they will be used frequently.

Plus, they have 10 dynamic modes, allowing you to switch up the vibes, and dance the worries away. Another amazing thing about this decorative element is that they’re easy to transport, and can be moved elsewhere for different events with ease. So purchasing name neon light for your parties is a long-term investment that comes in handy in lots of events. 

The Burnell neon light really adds color pops into the reddish brown decor scheme 

If you’ve ever felt like your decor scheme lacks that sparkling factor, you’re probably right. Now it’s time to elevate it by adding a bit of color pop. Look at this couple beaming with happiness with LED lights displaying their name in the background. Personalize neon sign, and let it light up your event venue in the most beautiful way. 

Mr & Mrs Simmons works amazing as the centerpiece inside the circled wedding arch

LED name neon signs can be used as birthday decor to add a unique and fun touch to the party. The signs can be a focal point of the party and can be used to create a specific theme or color scheme, making them a great choice for birthday celebrations. They can be set to flash and change colors, adding a dynamic element to the party. They can also be used as a background for taking photos and videos.

LED neon lights add that glowing brilliance into the 40th birthday event 

In conclusion, these are our top picks on best custom name neon signs to give your home a makeover, and light up your party in the most unique, and eye-catching way. Don’t miss out on our gorgeous signs to enlighten your event. Let’s go to Zanvis Neon, and customize one name neon sign for your own needs.

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