Study Reveals Why Human Walk Upright

Millions of years ago, a Supernovae attacked Earth with high energy and caused ancient humans to walk upright. Experts say the prehistoric humans lived their lives on four legs. After that, they adapted to walk on two legs on the new plains. Still, scientists are debating to know what and when transformed our far-off ancestors to stay upright and start roaming around on two feet. According to a new study, published in the Journal of Geology, the explosion might have affected the earth’s surface which eventually resulted in global forest fires. Thus these strikes replaced the incinerated woodlands with savannas. Ancient humans residing in northeast Africa had to learn to walk on two legs. It might have helped them to pass from these vast areas. Scientists from the University of Kansas pinpoint the theory behind upright walking of human beings.

Physicist Prof Adrian Melott led the study and tried to blend various standards of research. He said, scientists previously thought humans already knew to walk on two legs. But they were primarily used to climb on the trees. After transformation of woodlands into savannah, they adopted the skill to walk from one tree to another. Prof Melott says thus, ancestors enhanced the ability to walk upright. He noted there was already a tendency for ancient humans to walk on two legs, even before the extraterrestrial involvement. Walking on two legs enabled them to look over the top of the grass and keep an eye on attackers.

Although, the research is based on an analysis of particular iron deposits found on seabeds worldwide. Astronomers assert that one or many supernovae burst roughly around 2.6 million years ago. At the time, Earth was switching from the Pliocene Epoch to the Ice Age. The scientists calculated the ionisation of the atmosphere from cosmic rays, which could result in a supernova. The observation is that there are much more charcoal and carbon in the world, beginning a few million years ago.

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