Study Reveals a Strange Mixture of Ingredients in Energy Drinks Could Impose Health Risk

Study Reveals a Strange Mixture of Ingredients in Energy Drinks Could Impose Health Risk


Previously, scientists had claimed energy drinks could increase weight. But the finding states those refreshing energy drinks have ties to a significant rise in emergency room visit. According to a new article from the American Heart Association serving just three or four 8-ounce energy drink can raise the risk of alteration in heart function and blood pressure. Thus scientists have waned gulping two large energy drinks could harm heart health. In the new study, they do not blame caffeine, the stimulating element present in almost all energy drinks. Yet they have not found the exact reason, i.e., what causes a change in the electric signals that run the heart. Scientists suspect the blend of ingredients used in the flavoured drinks might be the contributors.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, included 34 candidates aged between 18-40 years. Firstly, scientists noted primary readings of heartbeat and blood pressures of participants. After that, those people were asked to consume around 32-ounces of energy drink within 60 minutes. Scientists recorded noted ECG and blood pressure readings every half-an-hour after drinking the energy drink. They had used QT intervals, a rating system to estimate the results. The research team at the University of the Pacific have discovered that it took 7.7 milliseconds to generate heartbeat again. Whereas, health experts warn if the time interval is too small or too high, it could result in a fatal, irregular heartbeat.

Prof Sachin Shah, the leading scientist of the study, noted they now need to analyse the particular component or group of elements in broadly available energy drinks. The author says the public should note how those sugary drinks affect their health. He said those drinks might be dangerous for the people having other underlying health conditions. Thus it is essential for doctors to guide particular patient groups. The study states as energy drinks are gaining more attraction; it is necessary to analyse the effect of those stimulating drinks on people who usually drink it.

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