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Why Should Someone Study Astronomy?


There were Einstein, Galileo and lots of other greatest scientists. But do you know that these all famous scientists always wondered what’s happening within the sky, after watching the stars? 

“These scientists were astronomers. So here in this article, we will discuss why the study of astronomy is important. Does it have to do with our real-life on earth? Because you know studying astronomy means to get the knowledge of something that exist far beyond to us.”

Astronomy is just not about a few planets and stars. For a fact, our solar system has only 8 planets and 1 star (Our Sun). But just in our Milky Way Galaxy, there are around 100 billion planets and stars. And according to scientists, there could be around 100 billion (100,000,000,000) galaxies in the universe.Planets Education” is the right source to check about these facts from Planets to Universe. Must Check, to know about the reality of space, Planets Education.

Here you can know about, planets, dwarf planets, moons in the solar system, small solar system bodies, black holes, neutron stars, elementary particles, some space organizations such as ISRO, some facts about ISS, and many more about Space and the Universe.

That is the sweetness of astronomy, it makes everyone question this vast universe. And this curiosity about it makes astronomy different from other sciences. Astronomy is the study of the universe and that we all know that the universe is vast, infinite. So, the study of the universe isn’t a bit of cake. Almost all the sciences have a basis from astronomy, for instance, Bohr’s atomic model resembles our system. So, it’s evident “astronomy is that the universal set of all the sciences”.


How astronomy is different from other science


The study of astronomy is totally different than other science. Well, it is one of the quite interesting subjects. It is like, to study about something astonishing and predict the future. Study astronomy is also related to new and advanced technology. In lab sciences like chemistry and biology, we take a sample and test it with the tools (like microscopes) we’ve then form a hypothesis, and furthermore step we make a theory. And astronomy is all about very distant objects, so technically testing a sample is impossible. So, astronomy is all about observations and imaginations and therefore the tools are math and physics with which we make conclusions/results.


Another aspect that differentiates astronomy from lab sciences is that astronomy deals with large numbers like light-years (one light-year is around 300,000 km), whereas lab sciences observe a test suit at a micro-level. Astronomy is completely hooked into observations. The more the info the more accuracy. As technology is progressing, we made powerful telescopes and located many other methods to check our theory. But Math and Physics are the backbones of astronomy and they prove the correctness of a theory. A hypothesis is usually discussed with other scientists then later is formed into a theory.


Science is all about observation, imagination and therefore the same applies to astronomy.


Real benefits of Study Astronomy


First of all, the study of astronomy will increase your thinking power. It is not based on belief, though there are many beliefs in our society that it breaks. Many people including kids are taking this subject seriously. It is changing the thoughts of society. With help of it, you can improve the everyday life of people and yourself too. 

The study of astronomy improves the realistic thinking of life. This will define how humankind will change and adapt to the change of nature. As we all know, everything will end one day. And same applies on earth. So it is not possible for humans to live on earth for much more time. So, the real benefit of astronomy is one day it will help to migrate humankind to another place as beautiful as earth. 

astronomy by planets education

So, here our article ends. But the study of astronomy would never end. The universe is almost infinite that includes, from large galaxies to our 8 Solar System Planets in order, with the Sun and other solar system bodies. And I hope you have understood the benefits of the study of astronomy and why should someone study it. 


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