Study Finds Apple Significantly Overvalued Battery Life of Some of Its Models

Study Finds Apple Significantly Overvalued Battery Life of Some of Its Models


Apple is already facing criticism for many of its products and their designs. The battery issue is the latest chapter in controversies over iPhones. According to a new report, Apple purposefully overstates the battery life of certain iPhone models. The battery life of iPhones proves insufficient of what the phone maker claims. Even more, the news revealed in a shocking report from the highly honoured UK consumer advocacy group ‘Which?’. It has found Apple is overvaluing the battery life of its iPhones by a very large margin. The group said it tested nine different models and found that Apple’s promises lack by between 18-51%.

All nine models of the world’s famous mobile failed to offer the assured talk time in independent real-life tests. Which? Found a major gap between the stated and actual performance in the phones. Besides, the agency noted a major difference in talk time. In the case of Apple’s iPhone XR, which prices up to £900, has shown the massive variation. Whereas, the phone maker claims the talk time period up to 25 hours. But in Which?’s analysis, it has found the battery lasted only around 16 hours and 32 minutes. The agency also studied phone from five other leading brands, like Apple, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony. Among all those brands only HTC has fallen below its promise by 5%. While the other brands exceeded their producer’s assertions. Sony has emerged from all the brands along with a high performance valued up to 21%.

According to reports from Which?, brands like Nokia, Sony and Samsung, figure out the talk time of their respective devices. Those companies actually understated the highest possible talk time. Thus it is essential to remember that battery life will always change depending on the way a user uses a phone. Other elements such as app usage, screen brightness, and notifications may have an impact on a phone’s battery. It may consume more battery in areas with low network coverage, as it requires more power to repeatedly search for a signal. Natalie Hitchins, from Which?, said they should have a potential to count on our handsets living up to the producer’s claims. On the other hand, Apple said it intensely test the products and support battery claims. The phone maker noted Which? Have not shared their technique of comparison. Thus it can’t compare outcomes of the study with theirs.

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