Streets of rage 3 


Why does this game get so much hate some of the time?

Well the big reason for why a lot of people consider it is kind of copy of Streets of rage 2 and some see it has no real improvements in gameplay or storyline

The game is still a lot of  fun my overall favorite character be Dr Zan who is like a cyborg he is kind of like a cyberpunk style of character I mostly like him for long reach meaning it’s kind of like your whole body has a crowbar attached to give you extra reach which makes combat for me very easy you may dislike his speed being slow but overall I never had any issues in regards to that plus he has the most health which is very useful in a beatup game like this when you go against the bosses overall.

Weapons don’t really have much of use to him overall but his strength or combat skills are good enough to me so I don’t really see an issue with that not applying to this man overall.

You get health boosts such as like the apple to recover health it’s not a big boost but it still helps in some parts of the storyline overall and I think it was a good idea by the firm to do this to in theory try and promote healthy eating which a lot of games now do it but a way to much so, in theory, makes eating healthy look pushed or forced towards people mind or lifestyle choices sometimes subtle is better than forced to me.

Bosses fights are a big part of why the game became so popular for many people the boss fights besty part of the game since they are often semi-hard or very hard in some cases meaning you need to more think like manager to win here than like an assistant to well over there speed or strength or how they fight overall.

Lifts are like something everyone wants in any beatup game since you fight in area which stops you using space as like benefit as such it’s all about getting the guys knocked out from within the lifts as soon as possible or risk losing lives here can happen more than some people are willing to admit overall.

Motorbikes are overall for me the worst characters since so hard to hit them most of the time for why I think it be a lot better  without any of them in the game in 1 or 2 or 3 like from Streets of rage which I am sure a lot of other people worldwide would agree with me for my hate towards these annoying characters in the games overall since  they keep coming up like virus in the game when it’s meant to be fun, not annoying overall for a good game to me overall.

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