Best 10 StorySaver Apps for Instagram


There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the mergings and known social media platforms. It allows its users to post their favourite posts in pictures or videos all day. In this way, many people take screenshots of images but don’t know how to save videos. Do you ever face this issue when you want to have your favourite content in your gallery? If yes, then in this guide, you will know how to save stories posted by your following.

There is no need to worry because you can have a simple solution that helps you download and save pictures and videos within no time. It is possible through Instagram story saver apps. In this blog, you will learn about these apps, so keep going.

StorySaver App:

You may not hear the story saver app in your experience. In short, the story saver app allows you to download photos and videos on Instagram stories. It just requires one or a few clicks, and here is your required video. Besides, you can save IG videos on your phones without letting them know.

That’s how; you can repost the video on your account story. Not only this. The story saver app for Instagram allows you to add various users from the world to your list. Consequently, you can also access their Instagram stories wherever and whenever. savestory

Features of Story saver:

  • Share posts and IG stories
  • Generate Hashtags
  • Search and save profile photos

Story Saver Apps for Instagram:


It is one of the most known story saver apps for Instagram. It permits you to view and download Instagram stories without any interruptions. Furthermore, Pixwox does not explore your name and account at any cost. 

Not only this, but the user can also view them whether the person is online or offline. This app supports different hashtags like beautiful, Fashion, Food, Art, Girl, Life, Travel, Sports, and others the way you like.


There is no more suspense to view others’ Instagram profile photos in the big frame. If you want to enlarge or zoom in on the profile photo, you are at the right place. izoomYou is a great app that allows users to broaden their profile photos quickly. 

Not only this, but you can also watch and download profile pictures, videos, and posts on your device. Additionally, you can stalk anyone, and they will not know your activity.


It is another app that helps you browse IG videos, and you can view as much as you want. Instastories is an anonymous IG browser. You have to feed the required username in the searching field to use this app. Then tap on the searching icon. Here is your requested person.


  • View accounts in multiple languages
  • 100% anonymous
  • Download IGTV stories.


Besides watching and downloading stories from different people, Installer allows you to see your favourite account story. But the thing to know is that you are not allowed to download posts, videos, or IGTV. The primary function of this app is to detect your stalker and help you know who views your profile photo conveniently.

But you can stalk others, and they will not know whether someone is stalking you, how many likes on posts, or who even blocked you. So you can do multiple tasks without any hassle through Instalkr.


  • Expose stalkers and blockers
  • Identify organic and fake followers
  • Let you know who view your IG account


Among all other story saver apps, Dumpor is also one of them. It allows users to watch stories and stalk the person without exposing their name and privacy. Besides, it ensures you keep your presence secret on someone’s account. On the other hand, Dumpor allows you to find Instagram profiles, locations, and tags with few clicks.


  • Multi-lingual downloader for Instagram
  • Download photos and Videos without interruption
  • Easy to use

4K Stogram:

If you want to watch and download pics, stories, and videos of other people on your device, 4K Stogram always helps you. It makes the thing straightforward also for downloading stories, hashtags, accounts, and locations. All this is free of cost. Paste the name, hashtag, or location of the account and search for it. Tap on the download button, and here is your desired content on your mobile.


  • Save public and private content
  • Watch other’s story feed
  • Backup Accounts
  • Watch and Download posts and videos


It is an incredible tool that not only allows you to watch stories and stalk people but also can download them. All this does not require any effort but a few clicks. You are only allowed to download all the content from public accounts and not from private ones.


  • Download IG content
  • Good quality video content
  • Watch and download feed on Instagram


Another fantastic tool in the list allows their user globally to search and download Instagram content for free. savestory Nothing is more good to view the content of interest while downloading it offline. The only effort it requires is a few clicks. Moreover, savestory allows you to save various reels’ videos and posts. Not only this, you can manage the content professionally via a sleek dashboard. 


  • Safe and secure
  • Incredible photo views
  • Convenient browsing
  • Steady downloading


It is another efficiently working downloading tool for Instagram which is super easy and fast. Stories-Grams do not expose you while watching and downloading someone’s content secretly. You can download desirable content without any safety issues. 


  • Sleek download option
  • Download reels, IGTV, stories, and posts
  • Explore feed and IG content
  • Easy to use


All these are the efficiently working story saver apps for Instagram. If you want to download, watch and enlarge Instagram content without any hassle, these are the solution for every need. You can use these apps as per your need. Besides these, others are Instore and Instashame for this purpose. Go ahead and enjoy the Instagram platform like a pro. 

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