SpaceX’s Starlink 60 Satellites Successfully Launched into Orbit

On Thursday evening SpaceX’s 60 satellites atop Falcon 9 rocket lifted up from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The latest achievement is a crucial milestone in SpaceX’s mission. It also marks the starting of SpaceX’s delivery of a global internet mega constellation aimed to produce more revenue to fuel the company’s astronomical ambitions. The company intends to offer the internet from space through the mega constellation of satellites, which includes 12,000 satellites. The rocket took off successfully at around 10:30 pm. Besides, the rocket released satellites after one hour of launch. It deployed the spacecraft at an altitude of 270 miles, after which they utilised thrusters to reach the desired location.

Each of the Starlink satellite weighs around 227 kilograms which will take up their places in low orbit of 340 miles. The orbit location is slightly below NASA’s orbiting lab. According to the company, the satellites would probably offer usage capacity of 1 terabit per second, along with a total capacity of 2.5-3 terabits. Although the satellites collectively weighed 13.6 metric tons, which is the most massive payload for SpaceX till date. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said it would require around 400 satellites for Starlink to start working partially. Addedly, the mission will gain significant operational potential with a group of 800 satellites. The executive noted once the count reaches 1,000, it will become financially operable.

SpaceX has gained approval from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission at the end of April. Thus it can place some of its satellites at a lower orbit, but Starlink is only allowed for operations in the United States. Musk said it would take minimum 12 launches of remaining satellites to achieve the aim. All in all, it is the first successful launch of Starlink 60 satellites. SpaceX has delayed the launch from many weeks. Before this, the company had scheduled the launch last week, but it scrubbed the plan due to massive high-level winds.

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