SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Resulted in a Massive Smoke During a Safety Test

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Resulted in a Massive Smoke During a Safety Test


Elon Musk’s SpaceX suffered an anomaly during an engine test fire. The incident took place on Saturday in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The company conducted a test to analyse the emergency escape system for its new space vehicle. As per SpaceX, the test resulted in a large plume of smoke which was due to an explosion. Though no workers were injured during the blast. According to a company representative, the space vehicle has completed the initial test successfully. But during the final analysis, it resulted in an anomaly on the test stand. NASA reacted on the matter by publishing a post, stating, “This is why we test”.

Crew Dragon, the vehicle intended to carry astronauts to the ISS, attempted a successful test flight in March. At the time, the uncrewed capsule docked at with the ISS and remained there for five days. Eventually, it returned to the Earth, which marked a significant milestone for the commercial space mission. The success has raised the expectations that the space vehicle could attempt the first crewed flight before year-end. The capsule specially designed with eight rocket engines can offer an emergency backing. For instance, if the launch vehicle experiences a problem, the capsule could rapidly separate and take back the astronauts safely to Earth.

On Sunday, an unofficial video on Twitter asserted to reveal the space vehicle was exploding during the test. The latest happening is a minor setback which may affect the plans of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. Florida Today, a local publisher reported the event first. The publication collected many images revealing a heavy smoke rising from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. While SpaceX said, it is investigating and working closely with the American space agency. The private aerospace company has been working on the vehicle since NASA awarded a total of $6.8 billion for the project. The company does not know the exact nature of the smoky anomaly.

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