Soulo Wav- The “Midwest Mogul” for Music!


A soul-inspired musician from the Midwest, Soulo Wav is rapidly building a considerable fan base in his region. His content ranges from club, conscious, slow, and dance music, and his live performances convey his energetic, soulful vocal presence.

Soulo Wav has several albums currently scheduled for release later in the year, in which he will perform at various festivals and venues throughout the summer.

Who is Soulo Wav?

Soulo Wav is an upcoming Midwest rapper quickly making a name for himself in the industry. His soulful sound and lyrical prowess have caught the attention of fans and critics alike, and he is poised to make a big impact in the music world. Soulo Wav is a unique artist who stands out from the crowd, and his music is sure to touch your heart and move your feet.

Soulo Wav, also known as Malik Clark, is an American Hip Hop artist based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Clark has recently been known for his association with audio engineer Matt Hyde. Clark has also campaigned around positive change and social peace, which caught the attention of a Missouri congressman who claimed he was the city’s future.

He is ahead of his time!

Soulo Wav is quickly ascending the ranks of up-and-coming hip-hop artists in the Midwest. His vibrant music and wise words are a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop world, and his fans can’t wait to see how far he will go.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Soulo Wav first caught public attention by uploading the mixtape “Letter 2 My Unborn” to SoundCloud. The various styles showcased Soulo’s lyrical talents, versatility, and rapping capability. Fans enthusiastically anticipate his future releases, secure in the knowledge that the young man will continue steadily flourishing.

Soulo’s music truly touches the soul!

Soulo is unique in that his music touches on more than just the typical rap themes. His lyrics are introspective and thought-provoking, and his beats are soulful and mellow. This combination makes for a listening experience that is truly unique and touches the soul.

Many of Solo’s tracks focus on personal relationships and struggles. But despite the heavy themes, his music is still upbeat and catchy, making it easy to listen to over and over again.

What’s most impressive about Solo Wav is his ability to create such powerful music while keeping things light-hearted and fun. This balance is evident on tracks like “Letter 2 My Unborn,” which features bouncy beats and humorous lyrics.

Soulo has a natural flair for hip-hop art!

Soulo Wav truly has a natural flair for hip-hop art. Coming up in the rap game in a time when streaming services are dominated by mumble rap, Soulo has been able to create a unique sound and fanbase with his intricate lyricism and hard-hitting beats.

His music has a vintage feel that hearkens to the golden era of hip hop, and classic soul and funk record heavily influence his lyrics. In an era where it’s easy to blend in, Soulo Wav is a true artist who stands out from the pack.

He claims to be the “Midwest Mogul” for music!

Soulo claims to be the “Midwest Mogul” for music. His hard-hitting lyrics and smooth flow have caught the attention of many, and he’s gearing up to take over the game. Soulo Wav is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. He’s been making music for about 10 years and has released several projects. His albums speak about his ambition and determination to make it big in the industry.

Interview with Jonathon Gregory

Soulo Wav, this past week had an interview with Jonathan Gregory. During their conversation, Soulo Wav mentioned his experiences in the music industry and gave his opinion on several current topics. Afterward, when asked about his experience in the industry, Soulo Wav clarified how fortunate he’s been to attract good associates.

He said that those in the art world recognize his talent for their appreciation over the years. Soulo Wav further shared some of his ideas about current events. He is troubled by how society has changed and hopes to see a better tomorrow.

Soulo also announced that he had 3 of his albums ready and would be releasing several singles throughout 2022. “St. Louis has gained a real gem in Soulo,” says Gregory. “If you heard the sounds he has created over the last year, you would be shocked. The kid is the best I have seen since I worked with rapper Scarface in the 90s”.

Soulo is the perfect idol for the hip-hop crowd!

Soulo has found a way to bridge the gap between mainstream and underground hip-hop communities. His unique sound and lyrical content have won him a following among rap fans of all ages.

Soulo’s music is perfect for the hip-hop crowd, as it combines old-school beats with contemporary lyrics. He is an artist who truly understands the art of rapping, and his music reflects that understanding!


In conclusion, Soulo Wav is an upcoming Midwest artist making a name for himself in the music industry. He has a unique sound that will surely capture listeners’ hearts everywhere. I urge you to check out his music and see for yourself what all the hype is about. We will continue to update you all as we confirm more release dates of his albums, but as of now, Saint Louis has gained another star.

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