Sony will launch the PS5 very soon with advanced features

Sony’s current products are having fair customer response. The plenty of new games are lined up for the PS4 and PS4 Pro. While some of the tech giants are trying to dominate the current market, plenty of them are planning their future strategies and products.

Analysts were debating over the predictions of the releasing dates of the PS5, as some were claiming that it will be launched in 2020 while some were claiming that it will launch earlier. The Xbox One and PS4 were launched in 2013, hence many were claiming the sooner launch.

However, it was noticed that kits for PS5 have been sent to the developers which can be a good news for the users as they can hope for the early launch of the PS5. Next big news will be the features and advancements included in the PS5.

Sony has competitors like Nintendo and Microsoft that acquires the larger share in the market. To maintain their dominance and presence in the market, Sony will need to offer some advancements and expand their success of the PS4.

Earlier, management authority of the company was addressing at the Sony Corporate Strategy meeting in 2017. At the event, he spoke about their future plans regarding the sale and strategies of the PS Plus or PS5. Their new strategies will boost the subscription up to 70m active users.

The upcoming PlayStation is the subscription-based service that will offer more games in some upcoming months. The game developers like the Bloodborne are offering some new games for the PS5.
Additionally, the present games on PS4 can be played on the new subscription. This is another part of their new policy to attract customers and to widen the fan base.

Furthermore, the PS5 will support the PSVR headsets, this will work as an incentive features. For enabling this features the hardware must be upgraded. Yet, it is not clear that Sony will offer support to the existing VR or will introduce the new or more expensive VR headsets.