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Essential Things to Know about Sky zone


Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Plainfield is a place that provides fun activities. Not just kids, this place offers fun to every member of a family regardless of their age. The sky zone is held at 851S. Columbia Road. Gary and Joana Kingery are the owners of sky zone in Indianapolis. The sky zone has many attractions and has a unique layout. You are going to have the best experience for sure.

Sky Zone is the best option equally for kids with high energy and excitement levels. Moreover, it could be an excellent place for teenagers to spend quality time with their buddies. Before visiting the sky zone, there is something you would like to know and follow.

Plan ahead

Sky zone always welcomes the walking-ins, but it is an excellent suggestion to visit the sky zone website and make your reservation for the jumping time. If you have kids younger than 18 years old, you must fill in the waiver for being an adult or legal guardian to the kids.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the sky zone is during the weeknights and weekends. Weekends are jam-packed, so securing early online reservations has become more critical. Usually, during the school breaks, the sky zone extends weekday hours. However, there is no rush in the early opening hours, so it is best to avoid crowds. 

Sky zone remains closed on Mondays unless the schools are closed or there is a holiday on Monday. Keep in mind, if schools are closed on Monday, the sky zone will remain open. 

Break time

The sky zone high jumping and running can exhaust you. You can feel hungry and dehydrated. You should take a breather; the sky zone provides you comfort in this regard. There is a snack bar where you can refuel yourself with pizza, nachos, pretzels, and soft drinks. 

Health and Safety

Did I mention the positive health effects of Jumping daily? Sky Zone gives a less-resulting workout system by muscles exercise, regaining strength, and taking out from stress. The safety of their visitors and make them feel safe by issuing literal cleaning guidelines. They keep an eye on guests if they are following the protocol or not and getting much fun too.

Fun at Reasonable Price

At Sky Zone Plainfield, you must pay a single amount and get access to play with everything. For example, the price of a 1-hour jump is $18 and for 30 minutes is $23, and a pass for 120 minutes is $28. 

They provide you with enhancements and good deals for your convenience. You must visit their website for brand-new deals, group rates, and alliance offers. 

Plainfield membership is most suitable if your kids want to jump continuously. You will pay $25 monthly for a single person. In this package you will get a jump of only 60 minutes in a single day. Elite and Elite plus memberships are available if you are crazy about hops. 

It comprises jumps for a longer time with much more advantages, including Friday and Saturday night glow jumps. Another economical choice is Sunday family promotion. Get a family fun box costs $60, which gives you a jump for one hour with jumbo pizza slices and cold drinks.

Now you know what sky Plainfield zone is and what you can get from it, so it’s time to have fun with family and friends.

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