A high-ranking silicon engineer from Google has been hired by Facebook, as the social networking giant makes a dramatic increase in their actions towards their attempt towards building up their own chips. As per the reports of Bloomberg, Shahriar Rabii has become the vice-president as well as the head of Facebook’s silicon.

The LinkedIn account of Rabbi gives an impression that he was the individual, who had founded the consumer silicon team of Google and hence helped to lead the team to Pixel Visual Core, which gets used in the smartphones of Pixel 2. His LinkedIn profile now reflects the change in the organization and a new position.

Sources in Bloomberg said that Shahriar Rabii would be working under the head of virtual and augmented reality in Facebook. This clearly goes to show that the former engineer from Google would be working on silicon for the handsets of VR/AR, rather than the chips of smartphones.

Facebook has really accelerated their efforts related to VR/AR in the last few years, which had started off with their purchase of Oculus in the year 2014. As far as the recent activities go, the organization has used the technology of Augmented Reality on Messenger, Instagram, one the Camera Effects platform, as well as in advertising.

This is not the first time that the ambitions for Facebook’s silicon have come to light. Earlier in the year, there were job listings that had emerged from them, with the news getting spread that they were building up a team for making chips. This new and inexperienced team is currently developing the Artificial Intelligence chips.

The social media giant is also working on a number of consumer products, which could potentially use the Artificial Intelligence chips as well, like that of a smart display. These devices were all set to get revealed during Facebook’s F8 conference in May but now it is expected that this would be unveiled in the month of October. The reason for the delay is primarily believed to be due to the emergence of Cambridge Analytical scandal.

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