Shall You Buy A Personalized Garment Bag

Shall You Buy A Personalized Garment Bag


If traveling is a part of your job then you must have a garment bag. Even when it is a one-day business trip, you need a quality garment bag to carry your business suit. Not only for business trips, but you also need a garment bag when you are going to attend the wedding of a good old friend or you are planning to explore a new city for 3 days.

A garment bag is of great help when it comes to storing and transporting your clothing. If you have a quality bag and you have packed it nicely, your clothes will never get creased and wrinkled. 

You often need to maximize your carry space when you are traveling. This saves space in your duffel. You can use this space to carry a casual dress, wedding gift, or workout gear. 

How about having one or two personalized garment bags? Businesses use personalized garment bags to promote their brands. This does not mean that you cannot get custom garment bags for personal use. Consider the following things if you are interested in personalized garment bags for personal use or promotional use. 

  • Get a garment bag that matches your weekender. When you are traveling, you will carry both your weekender and the garment bag.     
  • In addition to having handles, the garment bag should also have a low-profile hanging loop, a thin one. You can use this loop to hang your garment bag in your hotel room. You can hang it on the bathroom door or in the closet. You will find it difficult to hang if the hanging loop is too large or too small.  
  • The bag should have a pocket for your nice pair of shoes. Your weekender doesn’t have a dedicated space for your shoes. You don’t have to worry about bending and creasing when you are packing your shoes in a special pocket on your personalized garment bag.   
  • It is good to have a garment bag with external pockets. You can use these pockets to keep items that you have to access more frequently. These items include your favorite book, headphones, wallet, car keys, tickets etc.           
  • The bag should have a reliable zipper that makes it easy to pack. Prefer a bag with a diagonal zipper.     
  • There is a wide range of materials used for making custom garment bags. Not all materials have the best quality. Bags made from cheap quality materials crease and bend very easily. Why do you need a garment bag? To keep your clothes wrinkle-free, right? There is no benefit of buying a cheap quality bag. The bag should be made using thick material to make sure that it does not crease even when you fold it in half.               
  • The bag should have comfortable and sturdy handles. 

You can contact someone in the business of making custom garment bags. High-quality leather and nylon are the common materials used for making quality personalized garment bags. You can use the best quality garment bag for years to come. 

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