Seven Excursions in Mallorca Not to Miss This Summer


There’s loads to do in Mallorca apart from visiting its many beaches. But how to decide what to do on your holidays?

The Best Outdoor Activities in Mallorca

This summer, people are opting for excursions in Mallorca that take place outside in the open air and, where possible, in small groups.So here is a list of our top seven outdoor things to do in Mallorca for this summer:

Sunset at Cap Formentor

There is nothing more breathtaking than watching the last glimmers of daylight from Cap Formentor with a glass of cava in your hand and the one you love by your side.

This is a brand new tour for small groups, with minibus transport to the EsColomer viewpoint and Cap Formentor’s famous lighthouse. On this excursion you will see some of the best landscape of Mallorca, made all the more special by the soft, warm colours of the summer sunset. This excursion gets booked up fast and the spaces are limited, so it’s a good idea to book in advance.

Get off the beaten track on a bicycle

Explore the rural side to Alcudia by bike on a gentle and fun bike ride around the country lanes, around the old town and along a little-known beach.

This bike tour in Alcudia will take you to places you never knew existed and which will feel a million miles from the touristy Puerto de Alcudia.

The ride is almost entirely on the flat, and is gentle and easy, the focus being on discovering new places and enjoying the views rather than doing a workout. The tour also takes you to a rustic finca where they cultivate their own chickpeas, which you can taste.

Take a boat or catamaran excursion in Mallorca

No one should go through the summer in Mallorca without experiencing a boat or catamaran excursion. This has always been a popular activity in Mallorca in summer, and now even more so. These are our top choices for boat trips for this summer:

Sailboat excursion in Puerto Pollensa

A four hour sailboat tour on a gorgeous classic sailing boat with an expert captain who will take you to secret coves and snorkelling in the clearest waters.

The boat is modern on the outside and classic on the inside. It has comfy futons on deck and you can help hoist the sails if you want. This is a holiday treat not to be missed and includes food and drink too.

AlcudiaBoat Trip with Snorkel

Take the Coast, Coves and Caves boat trip from Port Alcudia with snorkelling, marine caves and crystal clear water coves in the dreamy surroundings of a Natural Park.

Sunrise and Dolphin-Watching Catamaran in Mallorca

The catamaran sails from Puerto Pollensa at dawn for a magnificent excursion to see the amazing sunrise and to spot wild dolphins. This catamaran tour is an experience not to be missed, with memories and photos that will stay with you forever.

Calo des Moro and CalaMarmols by Boat

Explore Calo des Moro, CalaMarmols, EsPontas and the nearby coves on this boat tour for small groups. Visit locations only accessible by boat, including a 30-minute swim stop at the virgin beach of EsMarmols. The coastline here is beautiful and the views around the EsPontas rock bridge in the sea are very special.

Trot through the hillside

Well, not that you should trot! Let your horse do the trotting, when you saddle up country style for a unique way of sightseeing: on horseback.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have riding experience, as you will be will have an expert tour guide who will lead you gently through the cool pine woods on a horse riding tour of one hour or two hours. The views of the countryside and coastline are spectacular.

Take a Quad Tour

Have you ever considered a quad bike tour? This is a fun and exciting way to explore Mallorca in small groups. The tour is a combination of road and off-road, and you will discover different terrains and landscapes. The basic tour of 2.5 hours takes you away from the resort and up to La Victoria hill, where you will have some of the finest views the island affords. You will drive down to a beach for beach views and then through the quiet back roads to enjoy the countryside. The last part of the tour is the off-road part, which is heaps of fun.

Get the adrenaline going!

Get your adrenaline levels up with a jet ski tour this summer. The jet ski tour is the most popular water activity in Mallorca at the moment. Bounce over the waves under the warm sunshine, contrasted by the cool sea spray.

The jet ski tour will take you to hidden corners of the coastline that are off limits to big boats, where you’ll be able to swim in cool, clear waters without being disturbed by the crowds that flock to Mallorca’s main beaches.

Visit a Viewpoint!

People are increasingly looking for outdoor things to do in Mallorca, without crowds and in the open air. That’s why visiting a viewpoint is one of the top things you can do in Mallorca this summer.

There are some amazing views in Mallorca and there are some fantastic viewpoints where you can get the best shots and angles for your Instagram page. Check out the following viewpoints in Mallorca for the most gorgeous scenery and excellent photos:

MiradorEsColomer in Formentor

The MiradorEsColomer in Formentor is the best viewpoint in Mallorca, with seriously awesome views of the most breathtaking scenery the Mediterranean has to offer.

You can only visit before 10am and after 7pm in summer due to traffic restrictions, and that’s what makes it special: you aren’t going to find crowds. The Formentor sunset tour mentioned above is an ideal way to visit this viewpoint.

Mirador de SesBarques

From the Mirador de SesBarques, you have an amazing view of the Port of Soller and its boats, hence the name of the viewpoint (barques means boats in the local dialect of Mallorca). Also at the viewpoint there is a bar-restaurant, with a terrace, being ideal to sit at, order an orange juice and enjoy the views.

Sa Foradada

One of the most photographed viewpoints in Mallorca is this small peninsula of about 80 meters high in which a large hole in the rock stands out, and from where you can enjoy a spectacular sunset.It is highly recommended to come see the sunset, sit in the chill out bar, and enjoy nature’s beauty at its best.

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