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To date, we cannot talk about Marketing without, inevitably, involving the Web and Digital components in the complex of commercial actions.
At the base of digital strategies there is more and more the company website. Being easily found is no longer a simple added value, but an essential precondition . Therefore, SEO activities should be structured in a synergic and systematic way upon the completion and modification of each company website .

What is SEO

Let’s go into detail by defining exactly what SEO is, starting from its acronym: Search Engine Optimization, indicated in Italian as an optimization process for search engines .

We therefore refer to all those activities that aim to improve the visibility of a website on search engines, not taking as a reference only Google (despite the position of dominance on the market) but also all the other Yahoo, Bing, Yandex , etc.

All this with the practical purpose of increasing the positioning in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) or on the response pages to user queries.

SEO ON and SEO OFF: The di ff erences

An important distinction to make is that between SEO ON and SEO OFF .


SEO ON PAGE or ON SITE consists of the set of optimization activities carried out within the pages of a site. The ON PAGE optimization, in turn, is divided into the technical programming area and the content one , issues that we will deepen later.

This is the most important part of SEO activities, but on its own it is not enough to produce a strong positioning of the site.


The part that completes the overall SEO is given by the OFF PAGE or OFF SITE component , i.e. the management of the incoming links to the reference site.

This aspect for search engines represents a particularly important signal about the authority of a site.

The main activities related to SEO services

SEO is a combination of technical planning and application of the right marketing strategies .

The site optimization process for search engines therefore involves a mix of activities, these are the main ones:To learn more about the topic, read also: ” 

The SEO factors that determine a good Google ranking “

Technical Intervention These are the technical and programming measures necessary to ensure that search engines can access the site optimally and index its pages .

Correct preparation of contents (SEO copywriting) The contents (not only texts, but also images and videos) present on the sites must be created in such a way as to respond to certain search criteria related to the scope of the site itself . This means that they must be clear (also in terms of page structure and text distribution) and above all provide useful information to users. As a consequence of this they will also satisfy the search engine algorithms.

Link Building The authority of a site (which has a major in fl uence on the indexing of content) also passes through citations and, even more so, from links on third-party sites, characterized in turn by a strong web reputation . This process (pertaining to SEO OFF) communicates to Google that a particular site offers content or sells interesting products to the point of being cited, so it deserves organic relevance.

Mobile First Index

According to the latest Google estimates, more than 60% of online searches come from a mobile device, a percentage that rises to 90% for certain sectors. This is why Google has implemented Mobile fi rst indexing and plans to make the network increasingly mobile-friendly right now.

A website designed specifically for mobile devices is an absolute necessity to obtain the best possible positioning compared to competitors, in searches that come from mobile.

Through this new update, in fact, Google will use the mobile version of the site as the main one on which to crawl, index and classify the content.

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