Security agencies alert! 50 Chinese apps including TikTok, Zoom threaten country's security

Security agencies alert! 50 Chinese apps including TikTok, Zoom threaten country’s security


They have become a part of entertainment in your life. But knowingly, India’s internal security is threatened by these apps. India’s security agencies have called these entertainment and time passing Chinese apps TikTok, Helo, UC Browser and Zoom dangerous for the country.  agencies shared with the Chinese government have identified more than 50 such Chinese apps which are extremely dangerous for India’s internal security. According to the report of security agencies, important data related to the country and security is being sent outside India through these apps. Mobile apps which are considered a threat to the security of the country include Tik-Tok, Helo, UC Browser and Zoom. Apart from this, shopping apps for women Shien and Xiaomi have also been called extremely dangerous in terms of security.

Understand in simple terms, the method of espionage, a person familiar with the matter says that you use TikTok, Helo, UC Browser and Zoom for entertainment. But all these apps secretly store the location of your phone and all the applications and important information you use. In such a situation, all the Indians are using these apps, they keep every thing with them. Experts say that it is mandatory for every Chinese company to share their data with the Chinese government. Chinese intelligence agencies and the Chinese military can formulate a strategy to attack the country with these data. This may have been happening in many cases but the Chinese government never officially confirms it.

Another official told that every person using Tik-Tok, Helo, UC Browser and Zoom apps in the country is in the radar of the Chinese government. In such a way – all the videos, posts and conversations that you do unconsciously, all these information is stored in the Chinese server. The companies running these applications continue to dismiss the data tampering. But no company talks about sharing their data to the Chinese government.

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