Scientists from Stanford University Have Created the Loudest Sound Possible Underwater

A team of American scientists have developed the loudest-possible sound underwater. Researchers from Stanford University’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have created an underwater sound. The intensity of sound is so high that it rapidly results in vaporisation of water. It seems to set a new record revealing force of sound under water. The finding reveals that incredibly loud sounds can also travel through water. The underwater most loud noise is more than 270 decibels. To achieve the intensity similar to two jet engines taking off, scientists used laser rays. They used SLAC’s powerful x-ray laser to blast tiny jets of water with small pulses of high-frequency energy.

When the x-rays strike microscopic stream of water, they rapidly vaporised the water molecules around waves. The sound resulted in a shock wave travelling through the water stream moving from left to right. Notably, the shock wave is strong enough that it is clearly visible while unsettling the flow of water. During the test, scientists observed that after reaching a certain point, the stream broke down and transformed into small bubbles. Physicist Claudiu Stan said it is just below the threshold where it would result in boiling water after imposing a single wave oscillation. In technical terms, the phenomenon is called cavitation where, in the end, atoms of a material destroy, and there’s no more heat to create.

Thus in a study, published in the journal Physical Review Fluids, the scientists note the resulting sonic siren surpassed 270 decibels. Scientists from Rutgers University worked with Stanford’s Department of Energy to create the record-making result. The team states these ultrasonic waves in jets are one of the most potent propagating sounds that can travel through liquid water. As per the study, it is impossible to produce louder noise than this in water. Scientists specify the water breaks if the shockwaves apply more pressure.

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