Scientists Discovered Fossils That Were Result of Asteroid Collision Which Wiped Out Many Creatures

Researchers have discovered a valuable collection of fossils dating back 66-million-years-ago. At the time, a colossal asteroid plunged into Earth near the coast of current Mexico. As per the stunning discovery in North Dakota, the fossilized creatures are the first known victims of the asteroid impact. Researchers say the asteroid hit resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs back in the history of Earth. Besides, the asteroid hit wiped out the dinosaurs and opened the way for the age of other creatures. According to Robert DePalma, the archaeologist who led the dig said it seems like they caught first moments after the impact.

Firestorms burned the land for miles around. The impact also resulted in the mass extinction event that destroyed 75% of life on Earth. The planet shook with severe quakes. It was a destructive impact that affected thousands of miles away from the hit spot. A team of paleontologists from the University of Kansas reveals they have discovered the treasure trove of fossils at the Tanis exploration site in North Dakota.  They published the study in today’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study provides the most violent event to have struck life on Earth.  The site enclosed the fast and rapid death of the ancient lake and its residents. As per researchers, the idea of a giant object hitting the ocean might have resulted in massive shock waves and tsunamis.

Within a fraction of minutes, sea creatures were wiped inland by earthquakes and tsunamis which initiated with a wide array of landlocked life. The collision trapped trees, flowers, and various types of freshwater fish. DePalma and his team detail the hurrying wave that shattered the Tanis site as a tidal wave. The research also describes how tektites, broken pieces of the asteroid, raining into the water, blocked the gills of fish. Afterward, those fish lost their life in the surges of water. DePalma also unrolled the contents which resulted in the formation of North Dakota. In the end, the theory is that, in the hours following the asteroid collision, a large water tide rushed into the area. Although, it leveled everything in its path and landlocked the creatures.

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