Scientific responses to Dark fans about time travel

Scientific responses to Dark fans about time travel


Dark is one of the original Netflix series best received by users, and the premiere of its third and last season, dated June 27, 2020, caused an expectation rarely seen by a production of its kind. In addition, its history emphasizes time travel. The portal resumed a CNN interview with Mallett (December 2019), in which the scientist explained that in Einstein’s general theory of relativity, “what we call space also implies time, that is why it is called space time; whatever you do to space also happens to time. ”

According to CNN , the astrophysicist postulated that by rotating time in a loop, one could travel from the future back to the past, and then back to the future. And this is the idea of ​​a wormhole, a kind of tunnel with two openings.

“We are concentrating on sending information to the past and not on sending people. Einstein said the river of time can be controlled. Gravity can affect time, light can create gravity. My breakthrough was understanding that light can affect time, “Mallett added to the History Channel . Regarding NASA, Spoiler indicated that the US agency has stated that time travel is possible, in addition to agreeing with Mallett’s ideas.

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