Sarah P. Antonella

Sarah P. Antonella’s Debut Book “Level Up” Teaches the Superpower in Individuality


Sarah P. Antonella is a successful entrepreneur, business strategist, and bestselling author. She is also the millennial CEO of a global agency. Sarah is recognized in the business world as one of the prolific women business owners for her positive, high energy, integrity, and business savvy.

Sarah has also brought a new perspective on the hidden potentials in the less discussed topic of individuality. In her debut book, Level Up, Sarah wants to inspire people to recognize their individuality as their number one superpower. She believes individuality to be a highly untapped potential that slows one from realizing their dreams. Sarah argues that some people easily compromise on their individuality, which she believes affects their success rate.

Level Up is intended to give business readers practical ways to improve their confidence, communication, and client interactions from a holistic standpoint. Sarah pours out her heart to share some of her resiliency tips learned from overcoming childhood bullying and low self-esteem to now running a thriving international company. This includes her experience in finding her identity as a bi-racial, half-Caucasian, half-Asian millennial woman in business in a male-dominated industry. Sarah typically talks about the lessons learned from her personal and professional transformation.

Level Up is a five-chapter book where Sarah brings together the key components to leveling up in your life. Through her experience, Sarah highlights resilience, growth mindset, communication, relationship building, self-worth, and building harmony in one’s life to be essential to leveling up your life. She shares these life-changing tips to help people discover the potential in their personalities to transfer to their business as positive energies to attract success.

Sarah is confident readers of Level Up will walk away with insightful, practical, and effective business and life tips. This includes learning how to build and grow self-confidence. Sarah also hints at discussing how to turn this confidence into landing prospective clients, confidently making them interested in your product or service. Sarah believes this to be an essential tip that most aspiring entrepreneurs miss out on and need to adopt if they want to create something meaningful from their ventures.

Managing a business can also bring about many emotional struggles and battles, and Sarah firmly agrees with this. She adds that she has shared practical steps that most ambitious entrepreneurs can take to help them declutter their minds, cope with emotions, and resume their sense of balance in life. You don’t necessarily need to be going through the struggles at present, but Sarah believes these steps are essential to have at your figure tips. The future is full of uncertainty, and so you should prepare yourself.

Sarah also believes in the importance of networking and the creation of partnerships, and it’s one of the topics she shares in Level Up. The book also discusses why it is essential to build relationships in business and the key to building trust and rapport that leads to loyal, repeat customers.

Such are the unique perspectives Sarah discusses that are essential for success in the business landscape. It will also help you learn the importance of self-confidence and tapping into your potential. 

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