SAP EAM mobile solutions

SAP EAM mobile solutions: Key Points to Focus for Better Management


Industries nowadays tend to streamline every opportunity to satisfy customer demands by consistently improving their asset management methods for saving overall enterprise costs. Meeting the evolving standards of enterprise asset management (EAM), SAP solutions play a vital role to prevent downtime and integrate workforce operations through a comprehensive plan which helps in increasing base reliability measures.

Efficient SAP EAM mobile solutions encapsulate innovative features that enhance the work order, maintenance, data, and operation teams connect in an organization. Asset-intensive industries consistently come across inspections, audits, unforeseen downtime due to unscheduled maintenance, etc. which can be handled by implementing effective mobile EAM solutions that help in preventive maintenance to tackle such alarming situations.

Read on to know about the key points to focus on while deploying SAP mobile solutions for better management.

  • EAM mobile solution should help in reducing unplanned or scheduled downtime and increasing asset reliability to ensure maximum output. By eliminating overhead costs and process delays, it helps in reducing maintenance backlog and increasing workforce safety.
  • An efficient enterprise asset management solution improves workforce productivity by optimizing asset performance and reliability through guided workflows and timely processing of notifications, updates, etc. SAP solution should also meet the environmental, health, and safety regulatory standards to minimize risk factors for various asset-intensive organizations.
  • Mobile solutions which can manage multiple maintenance tasks and operations to save time and money for different teams must be actively implemented in an organization. This helps input, view, and update data through a single interface rather than engaging in multiple platforms to maintain data.
  • The application must be effective in understanding and delivering client requirements within the stipulated time. EAM solutions must provide quality customer service to establish a trustworthy connection with them necessary for maintaining long-term business relationships. In addition to it, SAP solution must incorporate best global practices along with supervising better control over processes to help the organization improve its performance over time.

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  • A proficient SAP solution must have a configurable interface which can manage business workflows that vary across multiple location, department, and roles. It also helps streamline training across various job roles and reducing company costs to updates the application interface. Instead of expensive IT customizations, solutions that can easily set up workflows across the organization are quite beneficial for businesses in current times.
  • EAM mobile solutions should allow workers online as well as offline access to the workforce data, task status, and allocated job orders for the smooth functioning of the system. Real-time SAP management solutions with an offline feature provide technicians, supervisors, or schedulers easy access to data while in the field to improve their work performance. While paper-based data could easily be overlooked or misplaced, data is automatically uploaded to their application for everybody to view and respond which increases workforce synchronization.
  • A sophisticated SAP solution must be used for adding supplemental information that can help field technicians eliminate the communication or knowledge gap. Whether it is using a camera for image annotation, geo-location tracking, attaching notes, or scanning barcodes for equipment identification, a simple application interface on a mobile device can help administrators complete their tasks efficiently.
  • A good SAP solution improves the wrench time for process management and saves the overall cost of the organization. With a stopwatch feature embedded in the application, the technicians can calculate the time frame for each task or operation completed to update the system which can help an organization in planning for future ventures.

Final words

Advanced mobile tools and innovative features help the company technicians manage and execute their tasks by staying connected with other project teams from the field, without losing out on any update. With the well-designed implementation of an SAP EAM mobile solution, enterprises provide their workforce a powerful tool to organize, implement and maintain data in a resourceful way for maximum productivity and revenues.

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